"Get out of here... go do some 'doctor' stuff..."

  1. I work at a busy Level I trauma center with some renowned attending physicians. I stumble across their names when I read citation lists and textbook contributor lists.

    The other day, the attending came out of a room and said, "The patient just had diarrhea all over the gurney. I directed her to the bathroom but you need to get a commode in there." I was just in the middle of a med pass and said, "I'll be right there."

    I grabbed a commode and walked in just in time to see the attending carrying in some linens. "Oh, get out of here doc... go do some doctor stuff... I got this." She smiled and said, "No, I'm not busy right now" and finished making the bed which she'd already cleaned.

    I was flabbergasted... and humbled by her act of service toward the patient and toward me. I already respected the lady for her doctoring but was just blown away at her attitude of service and belief that no task is beneath her.
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  3. by   momRNmy
    That's awesome!!! Too frequently we nurses work with doctors who
  4. by   momRNmy
    Quote from momRNmy
    That's awesome!!! Too frequently we nurses work with doctors who
    run the opposite direction at the mere sight of poop or vomit. If your unit has a recognition or kudos board, this would be an awesome opportunity to say thanks and recognize this doc!
  5. by   Anna Flaxis
    I once had a hospitalist clean up a code brown so I could work on the admitting process. I was speechless.
  6. by   RN&mom
    I work with a nurse who thinks he is above cleaning up patients, it drives me crazy! I was a CNA before becoming a nurse and nurses are not above cleaning patients... He runs to get the CNA for every little thing. It's nice when all members of the team will help out when they have time! I would certainly put up a recognition if you have that at your facility, that's awesome!
  7. by   OCNRN63
    ​Would that more be like this doctor.
  8. by   Lev <3
    Wow! Just wow! Talk about able to put the patient first...
  9. by   carachel2
    My nephew (pre-med) is working now as a nurse tech...he will always know the ropes and always know there is a time and a place to chip in. Not always expected of course, but nice to do in a crunch.
  10. by   michigansapphire
    My favorite attending, the one who I would want caring for my family above anyone else in our hospital, started out as a tech.
  11. by   ThePrincessBride
    A doctor cleaning up a code brown is a rare sight in nature indeed, rarer than seeing the stars in the sky align.

  12. by   KiyaRN
    Just this weekend I walked into my patient's room and saw our ER medical director removing an unneeded second IV from a not-so-happy patient! He saw that I was extremely busy and didn't want to take me away from my other patients so he D/C'd the IV himself! He was also a very good sport when the patient started telling him how good looking he was! It's great to have all staff working together for the benefit of the patient!
  13. by   LadyFree28
    I actually wonder where there are medical teams that NEVER occasionally clean up a patient; maybe I'm spoiled in my area; as a nurse I have seen doctors, residents, and med students helped; if they didn't they got their head chewed off by their superiors; as a patient, the trauma team helped clean me up and helped me on the bed pan.

    Maybe it's the adage that "the nurses run the show" message that have been ingrained in a lot of the places that I worked at...
  14. by   CountryMomma
    Every time I come across a Dr who really rustles my jimmies, as the younguns says, I just remember that for every Dr who acts like they strolled right out of the 70's, there are at least two, maybe three that realize they are part of a team, not the ringleader of the circus.

    My Dr sat with me through my labor with my last two sons. Even shooed one of the nurses out so she could go do nursing stuff. She knew I was a long laborer and wanted to gave the nurses a break. Seeing them work together like that gave me a much more positive outlook on the physician-nurse relationship.