What is the quickest way to earning your DNP?

  1. Background Info: I am in an ADN program currently and will graduate in May 2014. Hubby is in the Army and doesn't want to get out until I'm completely done with school. I am quite the planner but I wanted to start looking into schools so that when it comes time to apply, I know exactly what I'm doing.

    -Would it be quicker to do an RN to DNP program without compromising quality? If so, do you know of any available anywhere in any format?


    -Would it be quicker to do an RN to BSN program then a BSN to DNP without compromising quality? If so, do you know of any available anywhere in any format?


    -Would it be quicker to do an RN to MSN program then a MSN to DNP without compromising quality? If so, do you know of any available anywhere in any format?

    Oh, the options they have for today's nurses lol.

    **I have the luxury to relocate if needed, but I would definitely prefer to take hybrid or online vs. face to face so that I can be with hubby more. But please list them all in disregards to location!

    **All programs suggested, I would like them to be accredited as well

    Thank you all in advanced!! -tortor09
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  3. by   Palliative Care, DNP
    I started as an ADN then went on to a BSN. I am now in a BSN to DNP program that is 3 years long and will finish in 2015. I could have taken 2 years to get the masters but then it would have been 2 more years after that for the DNP so a total of 4 years. This way I have saved 1 year. I really want the DNP as a terminal degree in my future field. Many people do not agree and are only pursuing the Masters NP. Only you can decide what you want to do.
  4. by   tortorRN
    In some states, my current state included, it will required that you have an DNP degree in order to practice as a Nurse Practitioner. This will be in effect in 2015. I definitely know that getting my DNP is exactly what I want to do.

    My goal is to be done with schooling by the time I'm 30 and I'll be just turning 23 when I graduate with my ADN.

    Mom To 4- Do you mind sharing what schools you attended for your BSN and your BSN to DNP program? What is your experience like? Are you in a Face to Face, hybrid, or online class setting? This is the kind of information that I was trying to find out and I apologize that I wasn't completely clear. Also, are you earning your MSN during your BSN-to-DNP program? Thank you SO much for your response(s).

  5. by   elkpark
    Quote from tortor09
    In some states, my current state included, it will required that you have an DNP degree in order to practice as a Nurse Practitioner. This will be in effect in 2015.
    Can you please provide some documentation of the states you're referring to, and that they have actually stated they will require a DNP as of 2015? I've been following this question (DNP for entry into advanced practice) since the discussion first started, and I have not heard of any state that actually, as of now, plans to require a DNP for licensure. To the best of my knowledge, this is (still) a proposal by the AACN and some other academic groups, not an actual requirement. The only group outside academia that has embraced the DNP-minimum idea so far (that I know of, and someone please correct me if I'm wrong) is the CRNA group, and their target date is 2025, not 2015.
  6. by   sirI
    As far as I know, elkpark, you are correct. I've been following this from the beginning as well.

    No single state BON has required DNP.

    It is still a proposal for 2015.

    And, you are correct that the only group that has embraced (outside academia) are the CRNAs, by 2025.
  7. by   traumaRUs
    Totally agree with sirI and elkpark - no state has decided to implement the DNP by 2015. And...since no one can agree, its not going to happen.
  8. by   tortorRN
    Really?! I got the information from my current nursing instructor. I am currently in Michigan.

    I will check to clarify since I may have either misunderstood her or she misunderstood someone else. Pretty sure that's what she said since my classmates and I were talking about it.


    Can you explain what is going on with CRNAs? The whole Anesthesia thing interests me as well, but I have only recently found it fascinating so I am not very knowledgable about licensure, etc.
  9. by   Kef89
    The 2015 DNP rule is absolutely in place. Kinda surprised people aren't aware of it. Go to any state school and check out the programs offered. the DNP is there for a reason...it's about to be required.
  10. by   tortorRN
    That's what I thought... I have been looking at schools and SO many offer DNP... Maybe 180 some DNP programs in the nation right now accredited by the AACN. Totally confused..:spin: haha. I am going to plan for my DNP anyway since I want to be on top of my game!
  11. by   tortorRN
    So... Is anyone in a program currently or already graduated from one? Just curious about your feedback on your school's program!
  12. by   J-Swish
    I am in somewhat of a similar situation except I'm graduating next year. You may be able to take online/hybrid, etc and flexibility of moving anywhere, but have you looked into financial costs of these programs? And perhaps working part-time for experience? I think some experience is necessary if you are to go that far, but I don't blame you for trying to be on top of your game and planning ahead for your future. That's smart.
  13. by   tortorRN
    Yes, basically all programs require 1 year RN exp which should be a piece of cake as soon as I get a RN job when I graduate. It's just the super specialty ones such as emergency care that require exp in critical care; icu; etc.

    As far as costs, I am looking to try to stay under 100k total for everything after my ADN or as low as I can go. I figure that I'll be able to pay my loans off within a few years of working as a NP or DNP since we live pretty good off just hubby's paycheck.

    I did a lot of research today- looking up top nursing schools and seeing what options they offered, the length, and cost. I found some within the top 25 that were very reasonably priced for grad studies. I don't remember what they were but my brain is fried lol.

    I also learned that I can get everything after my ADN with around 4-5 years of additional school. This doesn't include time trying to get into the program or any of that but I'm hoping the sooner, the better!
  14. by   Annaiya
    As others have stated, the DNP is not required. This is a very common misunderstanding. I would highly recommend reading some of the criticisms of the DNP degree. I understand you wanting to go a head and get it right away, but if you're really looking to be done as fast as possible and as cheaply as possible a MSN is the way to go. Also, you will need to decide what specialty you want, and I really think taking some time off to work in the area you are interested in before starting an NP degree is the way to go. Actually working as a nurse is completely different than being a nursing student and considering the time and financial investment of NP school, you need to make sure you're picking an area that you actually like!