Clarification on the DNP requirement of 2015

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    I'm a bit confused about the whole 2015 DNP requirement for APRNs. Does this mean a DNP, instead an MSN, is required in order to become a Nurse Practitioner starting 2015? Is this applied uniformly in all States or do States have their own "flexibility" on how this is handle? (I live in MA.)

    If DNP is required, I wonder if MSN programs will be phased out and replaced by DNP programs or maybe integrated into the DNP programs. In a clinical setting, will the scope of practice expand for someone with a DNP vs someone with an MSN? Or are they moving to DNP because they believe that MSN programs are already very much a doctoral program relative to other health professions?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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  3. by   elkpark
    There are a bunch of existing threads here discussing those questions -- have you looked at them?

    There is no "requirement" -- this is still a proposal by some of the academic nursing organizations. The larger nursing community doesn't seem to be jumping on the bandwagon too enthusiastically (the NLN, the "other" big-name academic nursing organization, has come out against the idea). AFAIK, the only advanced practice group that has really embraced the idea is the CRNAs, and their target date for requiring a doctorate is 2025, not 2015 (however, even that is still a "target," not cast in stone). However, there is no denying that many schools are already converting their MSN advanced programs into DNP programs. A lot of us suspect that is largely about $$$. The MSN-vs.-DNP question may become an increasingly moot point as time passes and it becomes more difficult to find an MSN advanced practice program, even without a requirement. However, I'm not aware of any state that has indicated it has any plans to start requiring a DNP.
  4. by   sirI
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  5. by   umbdude
    Thanks elkpark. I did do a search but got conflicting views. For example, someone said that iowa will require dnp for NP in 2015. But your answer makes a lot more sense to me. Thanks.
  6. by   elkpark
    There have been a bunch of students who have posted here that a professor/instructor at their school told them this was a "done deal" -- I'm not sure what has happened in those cases, whether the student just misunderstood what the instructor was saying or the instructor is actually giving out wrong information (whether through sincere ignorance or to push a particular agenda). There's a lot of confusion out there ...

    However, it is clear that the trend, for better or worse, is in the direction of the DNP over time.
  7. by   rustynail
    This is just a word of mouth but I was told last night that some schools have re-opened their MSN NP programs after going solely with DNP. Also, that no states as of yet have confirmed any intentions, such as that DNP would be the new barrier to entry to practice.
  8. by   lizrnbsn
    I, too, have been looking into the information on this but cannot find anything regarding the actually date and information on this topic. From what I was told the ARNP program will no longer what my understanding is is that if you are wishing to be an ARNP then you must be completed with your coursework by 2015 or else you would have to go for your doctorate. Please let me know if you find any more info on this
  9. by   rustynail
    If DNP is going to become required, might as well go to medical school...
  10. by   zoidberg
    no no no no no. the dnp does not make a better clinician... ill save my rant. i know rustynail agrees... but anywhoo lets just not get the darn thing. if no one gets it, they cant force us to get it, then it will go away. thats my plan.

    ready, go! ...well i guess dont go. unless youre getting a msn. that is allowed.
  11. by   NPluvsalsa
    Are they going to require a doctorate for pa? Well that would only be fair if we will still get the same pay
  12. by   myelin
    There are still plenty of MSN programs out there, including at many top nursing schools. I wouldn't worry about the DNP just yet.
  13. by   angel549
    I TOTALLY agree with NPluvsalsa! GREAT IDEA!!!! I will get a DNP when they require a PA to get a doctorate also! Why the heck not? They pay PA in general more than NP anyway, and we do the same work! This whole 2015 DNP push is crazy. It is a way for schools to make more money. It doesn't provide the NP with more money, in fact pay is decreasing steadily for NPs across the nation. Nursing said in 1996 when I got my BSN that BSN would be the entry point for RNs. States can't agree on nationally equal nurse practice acts, what on earth makes you think they will enforce this?! Of course there will be a grandfathering in of MSN prepared ARNPs - that would be healthcare suicide if they did not. No, save your money unless you just want to do it for your own satisfaction. Let me add, also, that the medical doctors / profession do not own the scholarly title of doctor. By goodness, if I spent the time and money getting a DNP, you will call me doctor
  14. by   zoidberg
    well... since nursing "government" has decided that the dnp should be the entry for practice... the dnp is being pushed. the actual government does not care or get involved. PA's will not require a doctorate. they are not governed by the same people. they are nationally credentialed and the AMA has a say in how they work. Why would they change their requirements now? They have a less expensive education and can get the same jobs. Protest by not getting a DNP if you do not agree, its the only thing you can do at this point.