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Flu Shot Reaction, anyone??

  1. 0 I received my flu shot last Monday at work. On Tuesday, I was a tad "itchy", but no rash noted. By Wednesday I was in full blown hives. They got so bad that I went to the Dr's on Thursday. It is now a week later, and I'm still experiencing the hives, but not as bad, and this is with me being on steroids and benadryl. Anyone else have any issues with this years vaccine? I received the vaccine for the last 2 years, this year being the 3rd, and never had any problems before.
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    Everyone that I know that has had one has had some sort of reaction to it this year.
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    I had the vaccination just before my last chemo and had no reaction...other than to the chemo...lol
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    Got mine 2.5 weeks ago - no reaction other than the normal site soreness a day after.
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    No problems here either.
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    I got mine already this year and had no problems.
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    No reaction for me. Wasn't even sore.
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    Best bet is to consult with your medical provider.