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    I have searched and found a lot of old threads but was wondering if anyone could offer any up to date info.
    Do you like working there?
    How is the starting pay? What state are you in?
    How are the benefits? Did you think the training was sufficient?

    I would appreciate any advice you can offer. TY

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    Let me move this to the dialysis/renal nursing forum where you will get more specific answers.
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    I just took a position with a Fresenius clinic after spending a year at a Hospital based clinic. I was VERY fearful after all the bad things I had heard, but I LOVE it, the training is excellent and the policies and procedures are outstanding. They really know what they are doing
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    I have to say that with ANY company you are going to experience the local management. I have been with Fresenius for 20 years in a variety of positions and I have to say...I love working for Fresenius. I do not always agree with what I see, and I have worked for a few bad managers, but overall I have had more good experiences than bad.

    It is what you make of it...nothing will be perfect and I hope you enjoy your time with the company.
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    What did you guys think of their training? How long was your training?
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    As stated in previous years' posts, I believe it takes approx. 6 months to get your 'sea legs' in dialysis, unless previously trained. If you do not have critical care training, it may possibly take longer to feel comfortable in your own skin.

    I hope you have a manager who is a team player and supports the efforts of the employees on the floor. The manager often sets the 'tone' of the center. Training is excellent from the standpoint of the education. Your precepting, however, will depend upon your nurse manager, manager, etc.

    Make certain you feel relatively comfortable in your role before leaving training and assuming responsibilities on the floor - never a second chance to observe and learn unobstructed like as you do in training, and patient safety is tantamount. Benefits are excellent. Pay structure may be Googled online. Starting salary is usually around $20-22/h. (I hail from the Midwest.)

    I will again, reflect previous years' posts and say, either you love dialysis or you hate it. I, for one, love it!

    Good luck to you!
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    I have been with fresenius only since December and have had no previous experience with dialysis but my training was excellent. I am loving every minute of it so far. Good Luck
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    how i wish i could work with fresenius company, its a dream to me as a HD nurse.
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    Don't know where you are located but they have several open positions in Georgia. They provide the training.
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    I start Fresenius training on Monday and am so excited about it! I knew before I left school that I wanted to work for them and can't believe it's happening!

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