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julzrncrn has 3 years experience and specializes in DIALYSIS.

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  1. julzrncrn

    Moh kuwait hiring hd nurses

    thanx ... God bless!
  2. julzrncrn

    Kuwait MOH

    i also passed the exam and interview last march... and i already submitted my 2011 red ribbon documents(photocopy) to my agency last week.
  3. julzrncrn

    Moh kuwait hiring hd nurses

    Guys kindly give me some tips in taking the Kuwait Licensure Exam and Interview.... thanks!
  4. ,based on my experience ladder technique is much OK .Lesser complications rather than button hole.
  5. julzrncrn

    KUWAIT MOH RN hiring

    agencies ..... Mothers Way International Agency, Best one international Agency, ADM.....
  6. julzrncrn


    how i wish i could work with fresenius company, its a dream to me as a HD nurse.
  7. julzrncrn

    What should EVERY nurse know about Dialysis

    - before advising the pt. to have eat all you can scenario maybe you should assess the pt. first if he can manage,because the pt. may experience hypotension while the Hd is ongoing.Maybe small frequent feeding may do to avoid that,..Fluid restriction is very impt., for ESRD pts. 500ml/day is advisable to prevent fluid excess.More than that may cause edema,ascitis,dyspnea, chest pain etc.
  8. julzrncrn

    What should EVERY nurse know about Dialysis

    before cannulating the access of the patient let them wash it first with soap (fistula.graft), then always check for thrill and bruit. Absence of those 2 means the access is no longer patent.Then the distance from the fistula to the bevel of arterial needle is 2.5", then arterial to venous 3" is Ok. Always observe the distance to avoid recirculation of blood and for the longevity of the access....and always rotate your insertion site to prevent aneursym...
  9. what happened to your pt. friend?