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  1. Hello everyone. I have read more negative stories here regarding DaVita which I think is very helpful to the rest of us nurses thinking about a career in dialysis.

    May I ask what companies are way much better than DaVita in terms of pay, professionalism and staffing?
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  3. by   PDHDRN
    Quote from purple yam
    Hello everyone. I have read more negative stories here regarding DaVita which I think is very helpful to the rest of us nurses thinking about a career in dialysis.

    May I ask what companies are way much better than DaVita in terms of pay, professionalism and staffing?
    and bunch of other privately owned small companies, usually owned by MDs
    and more..
  4. by   lunden
    hi, i'm a certified technician who works for Davita, and in their defense I must say that they are the best nationwide. see for yourself instead of listening to negative stories. of course there is always Fresenius Dialysis and an up and coming Dialysis unit called Lifealysis here in Det. Mi. hope this helps
  5. by   CocoaGirl
    I currently work at a Fresenius clinic & would advise against this company, unless you like counting every drop of Epo, working short staffed & not being able to take any time off. I love dialysis but hate the BS with this company. Oh how I wish we were still an independant unit.
  6. by   MichellefireRN
    I am an RN for Fresenius. My company was bought out by them a few years ago. Davita and Fresenius are the biggest. I must say, the bigger the company, the least happy the staff. They are very top-heavy. From what I understand, Davita pays better but it seems to be apples vs oranges.
    Who your Nurse Manager, Regional Managers are seems to make the biggest differences in happiness levels. I would not recommend Nursing Management, though as they will keep you 60 hours a week on the floor and in never-ending meetings and phone conferences.
    Greed is ruining healthcare as it has ruined politics, the economy, as insurance companies and corporations (for profit like Davita and Fresenius) battle them for repayment and contracts. Never thought it would effect Nursing this much. You may always have a job with nursing, you may not have a HAPPY one, though. I have often thought that if I cannot be a good nurse, I didnt want to be one at all and everyone has their own breaking point.
  7. by   TheCommuter
    There's the Dialysis Corporation of America, which operates hundreds of dialysis centers across the nation.
  8. by   KellyCCRN
    I work in an acute dialysis unit but have several friends who work for DCI and so far they have had no complaints about staffing, pay or benefits.
  9. by   vwevans
    I work for DaVita in Texas and so far I am satisifed with the company. They have the best training program I have ever been involved with, allow you to learn at your own pace, and have been very supportive. Because they are a large nationwide company, I have many opportunities to relocate, travel, and stay with the same company. They are very strong supporters of their patients and are very strong in patient care and education.
  10. by   Lacie
    <p>I work for a KRU clinic and love it! I'm the DON and management does back when I put it out that Pt care is First priorty. I'm along with rest of staff are off by 3:30. For 11 chairs I staff 1 RN or LPN with 3 PCT's. Pay better then I ever made at Davita. thwy also inserstand family and health issues when u need off or wirh your children Best decision I made leaving 0avita. for KRU. My clinic actally let's the nurses lead the show rather then techs running it their way.</p>
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  11. by   courageunderfire
    I have worked for fresenius for 11 years and for the most part loved the COMPANY. I guess it all depends on management and administration as to whether you tolerate your workm or love it. Untill the past 2 years I loved working in a small acute unit in Texas. The 2 other nurses i worked with have been with our company one 18 yrs the other 8 yrs. The 3 of us took a lot of pride in watching ou unit grow from 50-90 treatments/month to 300 treatments/month. We took ownership of our unit our heat and souls went into making this a unit where Drs. nurses and pts. knew they could trust us to give quality pt. care regardless of hours worked their were no complaints from us. In so saying the new management took over we were treated with so much disrepect that after 2 yrs I could take no more and resigned from a company I once loved working for. Unfortunately their was no support from administration. All pto that went to esl was lost. Have never felt so unappreciated even working at lower paying job, don't think I could ever work for this company again
  12. by   AHogan
    Check out Liberty Dialysis! We are much smaller and all of our clinics / programs are joint ventures with the docs. Very low turnover and have never had a physician leave!
  13. by   Valerie Salva
    FMC is the worst, imo. Money and profits are not the main thing w/ this company- they are the only thing.

    I hear a lot of good things about KRU. I wonder how long it will be before FMC buys them out and ruins them like they did w/ RCG.
  14. by   tony55!
    Has anybody worked for American Renal Associates, if so , what is your experience with the company? They have a job open for a PD nurse, but that is not the whole story. Turns out that clinic has a PD nurse. They really want a 3 in 1 nurse. They want a nurse to work in PD when the other PD nurse is off or on vacation. If no help is needed in PD department then the nurse would be HHD- home hemodialysis- training patients and if no patients need training then you would work in the dialysis unit. I am quailified to do all the jobs but not sure if i would actual be in the clinic most of the time. Is this just a way for them to hire another clinic nurse?

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