DD certification?

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    How would that certification help me as an RN? I presently work with disabled children in their homes, and have worked with adults in a facility, and may again.

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    I think it adds credibility to your level of knowledge in the field. I got mine about 2 years ago and I learned a LOT studying for the exam. I think I am a better DD nurse for it.
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    Do you think employers have regard for this certification?
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    I think it is good for the education. I have worked in the DD field for 12 years and have never been asked for a certificate. If you work in the field getting you CEUs in DD nursing is good. The DDNA conference is a great resource
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    Thanks, nurses. More for me to think about. Have a great week.
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    I have been working in a state facility for DD clients for 1.5 year now and I really like it. Just wondering where else can nurses work with this population and in what capacity? Are there many jobs out there? I too am thinking about starting to work on the CDDN certification.
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    I a nurse consultant for ICF-DDN. ( Intermediate care facility) These facilities require a certain amount of nursing hours per week. I live in California. I think they have the facilities everywhere. I visit each place 2x a week do monthly summarys, monitor health problems and do alot of staff education. I would google ICF-DDN. Try and find out if there are any of these places close to you. It is great work and I make my own schedule.
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    I worked as a LPN from 2003 to 2008 in a residential setting and now I am a RN in a clinic for Day Hab and Love it!!!!! I am actually excited because I have been given the opportunity to take the DODD certification classes. I start April 1 2013. I feel it is just going to expand on my knowledge base. I love to learn and I feel it can only help me provide better care to my individuals!!!!
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    We have no ICF's in my state. They were closed a few years back and transitioned into more of a group home environment.

    As for the DD certification - the agency I work for does not require it, but the suggest it. I think it gives credence to your working knowledge. Of course, I say that and don't have mine - yet But I plan to once I have put in my two years.
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    What I am seeing is that more and more, a nursing license continues to lose its status, not to mention pay is dropping constantly. Yet another 'certificate'? Does it never end? Isn't a nursing license a license to be a nurse any longer? LPN, no- go RN. But if your'e an RN, keep going to BSN. But maybe get a doctorate. Then get a PICC certificate, but be sure you have your ACLS, first. On and on. More and more, for less and less $ and stability? Am I the only one lost in space? Anyway- I'll craft and then post a list of the 'credentials' that I've seen so far...we can all then see how insane it is. Still- every day I hear nurses in here say 'further your education'.

    As far as DD- aren't a nursing license, and a human heart, and common sense, and compassion, (not to mention that most nurses are females with child experience) enough 'credentials' to deal with such an unfortunate population? I'm honestly becoming embarassed.
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