What are "vasoactive drips"? - page 2

I've been hearing this a lot and especially that they are used in the ICU a lot. I was told CRNA's need a lot of experience with these. I'll be honest and say I have no idea what a vasoactive drip... Read More

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    This website is a GREAT resource if you have questions about any of the aspects of ICU nursing. It has Word documents that you can download for free so you can read them anytime. There's a section specifically about "Pressors and Vasoactives." All of the material is written by an RN who's been at the ICU bedside for a while. Hopefully, you'll find it very helpful! Good luck!


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    Wow, that was fascinating! I am a student about to start my first semester, but I used to do cardiology research. That site is supremely helpful, and I will know to reference it if I pursue ICU nursing. Thank you for sharing!
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