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  1. Here are several photos of allnurses.com exhibiting at NTI2012 in Orlando Florida!

    It was great meeting all of the nurses at NTI. It was wonderful to hear the feedback from existing AN members as well as the excitement from all those who never heard of allnurses.com!

    One of our ipod touch winners

    iPad winner!

    The allnurses.com staff gang that went to NTI 2012 - Great Job!


    Huge daily crowds at the allnurses.com booth for drawings.


    Our popular give away item this year, nursing cartoon notepads:


    You can see many more photos on our facebook page here:
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Thanks for sharing these pictures, Brian. It appears that this year's NTI convention was a huge success for AllNurses. Personally, I am anticipating next year's convention in Boston.
  4. by   Aongroup1990
    any conventions in indianapolis...
  5. by   Brian
    Thanks, glad you liked the pics! We usually only do a few conventions a year, we try and hit the larger conventions, for example, NTI has lilke 7000 attendees. Its easier to justify the expense of travel and everything when we reach a large audience, vs. a smaller convention. This is a HUGE expense, and very difficult to measure a return on our investment.

    We've done the NTI convention for the last 5-6 years, and it's worked out well. Our objective is to purely reach more nurses and make them aware of allnurses.com.

    I'm looking at getting a smaller exhibit booth where it's easy to travel with and hit some smaller conventions at some point. Maybe we will poll our members at some point to tell us about the conventions they want us to be at and see if it makes financial sense?
  6. by   Esme12
    Looks like a great sucess! Chicago/Indy is a good way to get the midwest states. I am anxious for Boston next year!!!!
  7. by   Brian
    I'm sorry, I forgot to mention, I think it was very successful! We reached a ton of nurses and we were very generous with our promotional material, pens, backpacks, note pads etc... Nurses took lots of materials back to their units to share with nurses that were not able to come!

    Plus, we also were able to talk to several potential future advertisers to help support allnurses.com. All in all, I feel it was a success! It's just next to impossible to measure effectiveness. More of a gut feeling, knowing we are reaching thousands of nurses with our marketing.

    I'm also looking forward to Boston next year!
  8. by   cjcsoon2bnp
    I'm glad to hear that next year's NTI is going to be in Boston. Finally, a convention that is close enough to me that I can actually go! Now to make sure I don't forget about it before next year rolls around lol

  9. by   Wolf at the Door
    Kind of feel terrible now, I did not make it out when it was in my own backyard smh.