NTI 2012 Orlando, who's going? Visit AN Booth May 22nd-24th - page 3

Who's going!? I'll be there :)... Read More

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    Can't wait til NTI. I go yearly and am getting excited

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    Froedtert Health will be there from Wisconsin!! Stop by our booth and talk to Tracey and Beth!!
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    We will be setting up tomorrow. Can't wait!!!
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    Got in late last night. Excited to be here
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    Come on by booth 3614. We will be waiting with backpacks, pens, notepads and other things. Make sure you scan your badge for a chance at ipod Touches and an iPad!
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    12 minutes till exhibit hall opens
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    New to this site and visited the booth today! Definitely enjoying myself here in Orlando.
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    It was so great to meet you all today! NTI is SO overwhelming but I feel like I'm learning almost as much as I did in 5 years of school combined...hehe.

    Btw, I recruited a new member! (See above).
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    We had quite a busy day today at the AN booth. Met lots of new folks, and many of our members like sapphire18 stopped by.

    Welcome to the site, nellieee! So glad you came by.
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    So nice to meet everyone!Tomorrow morning 9:15am is the drawing for the iPad. Gotta be present to win!!!

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