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Anyone here have a facility that uses a hand off note for lunches and breaks that requires the nurse taking report state or sign off in some way showing they have agreed to watch the patient while... Read More

  1. by   Here.I.Stand
    We don't have anything like that...but none of us would lie about having relieved the primary nurse either. What a fecal thing to do.
  2. by   jj224
    Quote from romantic
    On our floor we don't have anything to prove that you were on you brake except clock in and out, which works for your first half-hour; for the second half-hour, your word against the meal brake nurse. I would expect one to be honest-- we own it to one another.
    But I also expect you to give a good report to the nurse who will keep an eye on your patients. I want you to tell me: any concerns about any of your patients: "watch this one-- can be restless; can pull IV, etc, can get up and fall; this one can desaturate without NC; low BP in room 200 and doctor knows; etc"

    One time, I was helping on the floor. One nurse left for the meal brake and didn't tell me about low BP in one of his patients. Doctor called in 5 minutes asking about the patient. I was embarrassed, angry. How can you leave for your brake without telling me about low BP! Nothing bad happened, but could...
    *Break. Brakes are on cars
  3. by   LovingLife123
    We trade off and let the other nurses on our unit know who we are trading off with. So say there are 3 or 4 nurses in our little pod, we all discuss who is taking report for who. There would be no way anybody could deny taking report for another nurse.

    Thats a really crappy thing to do, by the way. Stuff happens in nursing. When we hand off report, we give code status, if the patient will need anything, their current Neuro status, BP parameters, and if there is anything special, like gtts, heart issues, anything major that could possibly need taken care of while we are gone. The off going nurse though, should try to make sure their patient is all settled and not need much, so the only reason the other nurse should need to go in the room is if they start tanking.