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  1. OllieW

    Practicing in another state than where you got your NP

    You can always just endorse your RN for the state you want then take your NP boards in the state you want to relocate
  2. OllieW

    What Is Wrong with These Students?

    I was that student who never looked up and took minimal notes (I was always on time though). I actually had a professor tell me it didn't seem as though I wanted to be in her class - Well DUH!. Many instructors read from a PPT or drone on and on about topics we do not need. I read my assignments and completed every project and if it were not required I never would have stepped foot in a lecture. So when online classes were an option I was so happy and could sift through all the nonsense to get to the information that was expected of me. Not one size fits all!
  3. OllieW

    Will you get your DNP

    i did the DNP and the PhD bridge...I enjoyed both....i am mental i know
  4. OllieW

    Does name of school matter?

    Bottom line....NO. the degree matters...
  5. OllieW

    APRN Dual Certifications Benefits?

    I am dual in Family and acute care
  6. OllieW

    DNP vs MSN

    I did not ADN then BSn then MSN then DNP then post masters for another specialty and now working on PhD. It is not the path for everyone and some question my sanity, but I just am a glutton for wanting more. I have friends who have their MSN and are happy and excellent NPs. You do you. The ones who I can't deal with are the insecure ones who bash the DNP degree fro no reason. If its not for you, fine live your best self.
  7. OllieW

    Continued good outlook for NP job opportunities in Texas

    I remember hearing how NPs were going to NM where they enjoy full practice autonomy and enjoy higher wages. texas will be one of the last stares to grant full practice to NPs.
  8. OllieW

    Prescribing Far Off Label

    I remember a lecture from that lady who does reviews (cannot remember her name). Anyway, she addressed off label applications of medications that had research to support the use. She suggested either referencing the off labeled study or including the EBR in your charting. the research is there to protect both the provider and the patient. I cannot imagine any reputable source supporting Ozone therapy...
  9. OllieW

    NP role in a code

    I worked in an LTACH in Florida as an RN (in a past life) and on the off shifts the RN ran the code and pronounced. We did always confirm with the attending via phone that he/she would sign the death certificate.
  10. OllieW

    lunch break handoffs

    When I worked ICU there were many times I just said, "hey watch out for my patients while I go _______". If there was anything significant I would let the covering nurse know. To be honest any competent ICU nurse should be able to walk into a patient care situation a respond accordingly. the patients are monitored and there are protocols in place. I did have one instance where I went to the bathroom and had the nurse next to me keep an ear out. I returned to find my patient was out of bed and he had removed all his leads. She and I got him back to bed and then he flipped himself over on his stomach (he was a 380 pound + guy). We thought (crap now we have to flip him back over). My friend looked at me and said, "he isnt breathing". We coded him and he didnt make it, but nothing would have changed no matter who was covering.
  11. OllieW

    College selection for doctoral program

    My practice will not even interview an applicant from a for profit online program. The reputation of the school you attend does matter.
  12. OllieW

    FNP program passing grade

    Most of the ones I know of have 80% or a B as passing.
  13. OllieW

    Worthless degree

    There are loads of for profit online schools who take anyone who can write a check.
  14. OllieW

    Acute care NP vs FNP

    I am an FNP and spend 1/2 my time in clinic and the other half IP. Depends on your state and DON. The Consensus model has been mentioned for years, but the states I work will not see its adoption in my lifetime.
  15. OllieW

    Collaborative Physician Issues

    Hmm I have never even met my collaborative physician.
  16. OllieW

    Gave up DNP

    I do not understand why the bitterness towards the terminal degree. If you do not want to advance your education, then don't. I do not get the bitterness. I do not see DNP nurses downgrade the MSN only nurses.

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