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I worked extremely hard to be top of my class in hopes to be hired into my local hospital' s small ICU. I was not a hospital scholarship student (those took priority in the hiring process) but I did end up getting the only GN... Read More

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    Sadly this kind of stuff happens all of the time. I was in a similar situation when I started. I worked hard in school and it got me a very competitive nurse residency spot. All through the program we were told the point of rotating through different areas of the hospital was to find out what we liked and where we fit the best. When it finally came time to be placed we were told there weren't enough ICU spots for everyone, so I had to work on the floor for a year before I could transfer to the ICU. I saw some things on the floor that I would never see in the ICU, so I tried to focus on what I was learning there, but it still sucked. I was not happy until I got back to the ICU. I completely understand your frustration and disappointment. Try to make the best of it, and work to transfer as soon as you can. Good luck!
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    Thank you for your sympathy!!! I'm now calling the cc course instructor and inquiring about a waiting list/new class expected schedule.
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    expections and reality sometimes clash. No manager can ever quarantee where the need will be. I guarantee that you will be asked to change work days and shifts several times in your nursing career.
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    Sorry you feel bad, but be real do you know how many new grads are looking for jobs?? You should be greatful! Go to work get your experience then you can move on, you're a nurse for Pete's sake toughen up!
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    Make the best of it and get all the experience you can, cardiac telemetry is useful for ICU and if and when you go back to ICU there or get a job elsewhere in ICU you will have gained some valuable experience and skills that will make ICU easier and less stressful. Who knows maybe you will find you like this area and want to stay. It is considered a popular area in nursing. Give it a chance, you may find you like it!

    PS Going into ICU straight out of nursing school can be very stressful and not everyone does well. I know of several nurses who were placed on other units when they were judged as not able to work ICU. It is not for everyone! Also I know some who left voluntarily after realizing it was not for them.
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    Thanks brandy1017. I know you are right. I guess i just had my "fav toy" taken away, had a pitty party, and i think im almost over it. I will survive n learn from it. I thank everyone's posts who were supportive, empathetic and allowed me the luxury to vent. For the ones who mentioned the job shortage, I wanted to say that everyone who graduated w me got hired within a couple of months max. If u r looking or a job, come to central FL! The market is not that bad here.
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    Quote from itsnowornever
    What can you do? Be thankful you have a job. There are many new grads without a job. Dont complain.
    This bears reposting once again.
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    I think it is fine to be upset. You were told one thing, and then told another. It sucks. It is ok to be bummed. I would be to. In a day or two pick yourself up and make the best of what you have.. Keep trying to get back to the ICU. Good luck.
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    Thanks!! That's the plan!!
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    You should be greatful that you even have a job because there are a lot of new grads out there who would love to be in your shoes! Even if it wasn't your first choice. I understand you're frustrated because you we're supposed to be hired on ICU and now they are placing you on a progressive care unit, but that's better than no job at all. They could have just decided to let you go all together.

    I work on a progressive care unit and you learn A LOT, trust me! I thought I wanted ICU right off the bat but I am very happy with where I am right now.

    As for nights, most new grads start off working nights. Kind of like a seniority thing...nurses who hav been there longer are offered the day shift positions. Nights really aren't that bad, either. You get a shift differential (= more money!) and I think it's great for new grads to get their organizational and time management skills down pat.
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