Anyone have any good critical care questions to quiz me on?

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    Hey all you expert critical care nurses! I am going to be taking the BKAT 8. I took it once before. Not sure how prepared I am for it again...I have a little bit of experience in CC, but I think I learn best by people quizzing me. Anyone willing to ask me a question or 2?

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    I don't even know what BKAT 8 means so I guess I shouldn't be trying to quiz anybody!
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    Basic knowledge assessment test (of critical care)

    So I'm just reviewing stuff I need to brush up on...reading through PASS CCRN
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    Let's start with the basics. What is the normal range for CVP and what do deviations from normal indicate?
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    Quote from FlyingScot
    Let's start with the basics. What is the normal range for CVP and what do deviations from normal indicate?

    When I have them on dialysis trying to pull four liters out of a septic shock pt. with volume overload, heck I'm happy with 4.

    The ICU peeps love us. We cure everyone. We can dialyze out anything I tell you, from a hangnail to a hangover.
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    Knows Abg's, DKA, insulins...thats all I can remember!
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    If you're studying for CCRN, I would know all the norms from your PA cath and what the implications are.
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    Which are you taking......Adult, pedi or Neonate
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    Okay, you have a patient that is 2 hours out from open heart surgery. He was bleeding moderately through the chest tubes initially, but recently that drainage has dropped way off and the blood is much more clotty that previously. Blood pressures have been stable initially, but now are declining into the 70's systolic. The patient has an arterial line to measure blood pressure, is still intubated, and now you notice a variation of blood pressure as the patient breathes in and out.

    What might this be, and what do you do next?

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    Oh good, he stopped bleeding now!

    But his pressures are dipping into the 60's.

    Anyone? Bueler?
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