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  1. nurse678

    INR increasing...without anticoagulation?

    Also what are his LFT's? Could be liver issues possiblly.
  2. I am going through the cardiac test on page 95. Can anyone please explain how the strip for h. is Mobitz II?!?! It's definitely complete HB to me! ugh!
  3. Basic knowledge assessment test (of critical care) So I'm just reviewing stuff I need to brush up on...reading through PASS CCRN
  4. Hey all you expert critical care nurses! I am going to be taking the BKAT 8. I took it once before. Not sure how prepared I am for it again...I have a little bit of experience in CC, but I think I learn best by people quizzing me. Anyone willing to ask me a question or 2?
  5. nurse678

    How would you respond to this??

    So I'm in the car with my fiance and future in-laws...somehow the topic of shall we say "cleaning patients up" came up. My soon to be mother-in-law looks shocked when I reply that I do this every night at work, as she replies, "You have to clean patients at work?? Where my mom lives, only the aides do and those girls work really hard! They should get paid more than the nurses. All nurses ever do is give meds." WOAH. What??? Like I get aides do a lot of dirty work and I respect them for all they do but what?? How about the education nurses receive and the critical thinking we need to incorporate into "just giving meds." UGH I am beyond frustrated. I didn't even respond to her, mostly because I was in shock that that statement came out of her mouth knowing that her future daughter-in-law is a nurse...but now that it has been a few hours since, I wish I could have set her straight.:grn: What are you thoughts? How would you have responded?
  6. nurse678

    deltoid IM flu vaccine technique

    No, lucky as in that if it was administered correctly, it just didn't hurt.
  7. nurse678

    deltoid IM flu vaccine technique

    I have a feeling that my flu shot was administered SQ instead of IM...I did not get the classic muscle soreness and it didn't hurt at all during administration. Maybe I just got lucky? Any thought?
  8. nurse678

    What You Do Best

    My patient also almost always tell me I'm so good at giving their SQ heparin. "you're good at that, I didn't even feel it!" haha I always toss it up to the needle size but hey, it's nice to hear :)
  9. nurse678

    What You Do Best

    I was told I'm great with patient's families. I always make sure they are in the know about everything that's going on, give them time to ask questions, and ask if there is anything I can do for them.
  10. nurse678

    Have you ever infused phenylephrine peripherally?

    Is regitine for any caustic gtt that extravasates? Someone at work told me it was just for dopamine.
  11. nurse678

    Have you ever infused phenylephrine peripherally?

    Ok well I had to run it peripherally, didn't feel comfortable with it, but the MD said to. It ran for a good 48hrs plus. One site where it was running, has become reddened, hot, and sore to the touch. One nurse said this will become necrotic and slough off. I switched the IV site every 6-8 hrs, and charted on the site Q 1 hour. But apparently, it takes a while for this to occur, seeing as days after the gtt was stopped, the irritation arises?
  12. Is there a policy in your hospital for this?
  13. nurse678

    Student Loans....how long did/will it take to pay?

    My monthly payment is 800
  14. nurse678

    Student Loans....how long did/will it take to pay?

    *sigh* I still owe 91,000 Been a year since graduation
  15. nurse678

    how do you know if you put an iv in an artery?

    You can also hook up some extension tubing, place a syringe on the end of it and draw back, then hold the tubing straight up in the air. If the blood flows back down, it's venous. :)
  16. nurse678

    Using my nursing skills on vacation.

    HAHA I wish I had a Foley in every time I wake up during the night having to pee! I hate having to get up!