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    Sounds very unsafe. I work in a 21 bed CCU. When we have tele patients that are waiting for transfer (sometimes this can take days) to the floor we sill staff 1:2 with rare exception. 2 or 3 tele patients can be really demanding of your time especially considering that CCU transfers to tele are considered the heavier tele patients. A couple of tele patients can really eat up the time the nurse needs to spend with the critical care patient. Our nursing staff has really stood together and refused to allow management to assign us more than 2 total patients when there is a CCU patient in the mix. Our 1:1 policy is a little gray. Some patients that tend to be 1:1's include unstable balloon pumps, pts' requiring high FiO2 with high PEEPs, innercool pts being rewarmed, recent codes, pts with unstable arrhythmias, intra-arterial TPA with frequent neuro checks, intubated pts coming from the OR who require recovery, and pts requiring frequent gtt titrations. We don't have camera beds. All of our rooms have hard wired monitors so the primary RN is responsible for watching them. We do have monitors at the desk but our unit secretaries are not monitor trained. All of our monitors have alarm parameters and vfib would set off a loud crisis alarm. Hope this helps.