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Hello! I can't find any LA Sheriff's Dept. nurses on here so I am starting a new thread. I am waiting for my background check to clear, then will work amongst you! What do you like about your job? What don't you like? What... Read More

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    Has anyone interviewed with LACSD for the RN1 position in March 2011 hear anything yet??

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    I've applied for RN Sheriff 1 J5139C in March 2011, taken test & interview, and received a letter on Oct 2011, placed in band 1. Has anyone heard anything yet further?? or received a call for employment, background or anything???
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    I hate to bump such an old thread!

    But, i am currently doing my background packet.

    What should i prepare for during interview?

    What would disqualify you?

    I have a clean record.
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    Hi all! So I got a letter this week scheduling me for the written exam. I'm applying for nursing assistant (I'm an LVN and most of my exp is home care, vent pts) I have a few questions!! Need help! Is there any way to study for the test? Is it nclex style? Also, what are the nursing assistants job duties? I've spoken with several different ppl that give me different answers. Also, what is the background check like? i have a clean record. Any help is appreciated! I hope this works out.
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