Are prisoners denied necessities? CNN article

  1. This article on CNN caught my attention this morning and really got me fired up.

    Why women in Arizona are sending a state representative pads and tampons - CNN

    Are you kidding me? What kind of uncivilized country do we live in? As a generally conservative-ish libertarian-ish person (point being no one has ever called me a "bleeding heart"), I find this to be abhorrent.

    Maybe my reticular activating system drew me in to this article because my brother was recently arrested and held in a detention center for weeks. He had to buy underwear! Guess how much it costs to make a phone call from a penitentiary? It's like calling Japan in the 1980s. The penal system is a scam, run by opportunistic self-righteous A-holes exploiting a vulnerable population. And their families.

    Anyway, I guess I have two questions:
    1. Is this movement exclusive to Arizona, or can I send tampons and pads to my state?
    2. To those of you who work in or have experience in penitentiaries, are their needs well provided for?
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  3. by   Orca
    I worked at the women's facility in my state for eight years. The women were provided pads. The inmates didn't always get what they wanted, but they got what they needed.

    In reading the article about Arizona, it seems that pads are being provided, just not an unlimited amount of them. We had inmates who insisted on far more pads than were routinely provided. In those cases, we had a provider examine them to see if there was an underlying problem.

    I suppose that it comes down to one's definition of "sufficient". Providing unlimited anything to inmates leads nowhere good. In our facility, some inmates were using pads to make ink for tattoos.