New Grad RN looking for a job in CT

  1. 0 I graduated with my BSN in December 2012, passed my boards in Feb, and have been applying to jobs literally everyday since I finished nursing school. I haven't been picky about where I have applied to, I am not looking for a dream job at this point, I just need to get the "experience" everyone is looking for.... I have yet to get any interviews, any phone calls, or anything at all.... I have over 300 applications out, I have even tried using contacts that I have formed over the years but nothing seems to be working.... Does anyone have any advice as to where I should be looking or doing differently? Thanks again for any suggestions!
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    I wish I had some other type of advice. Maybe just volunteer at a hospital in the mean time so you can get your foot in the door? But we are all in the same boat. I have been looking for a job in NY since December. It's hard out there. Good luck
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    I totally understand, and thank you, Good luck to you too!
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    Sharon Hospital
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    Most of the nursing homes in the Northwest Corner are also hiring...Noble Horizons in Salisbury, Sharon Healthcare in Sharon, Geer Nursing and Rehab in North Canaan. Charlotte Hungerford Hospital in Torrington is probably hiring as well.
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    Try the VA in West Haven.
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    Try schools, large corporations and try correction facilites. Think outside the box.
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    Try job fairs, that is how I got my first RN position. It helps networking and works on your interviewing skills.
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    Have you found anything yet? In the same boat here.
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    I graduated last September. After applying to tons if jobs I finally put in my best suit and literally went from facility to facility. The first one I went to the DIrector of Nursing happened to be at the dest when I asked for the app. Next day she hired me for a sub acute position.
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    Wow, nice! Congrats!
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    Thanks everyone for the help. I did end up getting a job in May as a charge nurse on a rehab floor. I was actually just given a RN supervisor position as well which is nice. I still am looking for something more acute and in my area of interest but this gets a foot in the door right?!! Thanks again everyone!! =)
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