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  1. I recently applied to the Rutgers online DNP program. Has anyone done so, or attended? I'm having issues with them. They haven't followed up on a few application issues, and they're surprisingly laid back, or maybe it's an air of "we can do what we w...
  2. Hurst PDF/Notes?

    Hey there, weird request but does anyone have their packet for Hurst filled out? I used Hurst to pass a while ago and now I could really use it to refer to in Advanced Patho but I tossed it If I can Staples photo copy it and send you back your orig...
  3. Attitude towards Per Diem's?

    Thank you all so much for your responses. I don't get it either. I am in grad school, I watch my children, and I hold down 2 PRN jobs. Both places have this attitude like "you don't want to work more?" if I don't do over the minimum requirement. When...
  4. Attitude towards Per Diem's?

    Thank you for your responses! Do you feel that Per Diem's who are only to fulfill the minimum, or around the minimum, are frowned up or talked about? I was consistently doing around 2 - 3 shifts a week until grad school began so I now I pretty much d...
  5. Attitude towards Per Diem's?

    Hey all, I'm just curious what the attitude is towards Per Diem nurses where you work? I know each facility has a required number of shifts per month but what is the attitude on your unit towards how often a Per Diem should be there and how flexible?...
  6. Too much on my plate?

    A coworker suggested leaving both and getting a home care job... he said the flexibility would be better. I'm curious, what do you expect of a Per Diem employee? What's the attitude where you work towards PRN people, how much they should be there etc...
  7. Too much on my plate?

    Thanks Samantha! Do you think someone with only 2 years of experience will look bad for 2 jobs and leaving one in less than a year? That's my fear.. even though I am on great terms with both places.
  8. Too much on my plate?

    Hi everyone, I graduated 2 years ago with my BSN and I'm currently in an APRN program. I have two PRN jobs, and I stay at home with the baby during the day (unless scheduled to work but typically I am with them). I'm averaging around 20 hours a week....
  9. Financial Aid help?

    Hey there, I never had this issue before (maybe I'm lucky). My financial aid isn't covering my grad school tuition. For instance, in the fall I was left with $2600 to cover myself. I spoke to financial aid, they weren't very helpful. They just said, ...
  10. Detox nursing is sucking the life out of me

    Thank you Karen!
  11. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone with detox nursing experience would care to share their experience? I have been a detox RN for almost a year and I feel like it has made me jaded and is making me question why I even became a nurse. Some days are be...
  12. MCPHS online MSN opinions?

    Hi all, I haven't seen much about MCPHS in regards to graduate school online. Only one thread that covered impressions of the campus and school but not specifically this program. Can anyone chime in on this? I'm between MCPHS, Drexel and Univ of Colo...
  13. Oh and I just found Excelsior.. any thoughts on them? thanks!
  14. Hey all, I am an RN and I've been accepted into grad school. If I attend the program I have been accepted to I have to retake Ethics and need to take Precalculus or Trig. I have to do this during Spring semester. I've already taken two Ethics courses...
  15. Taking a job that isn't clinical, mistake?

    Not in the positions I'm looking at, none of them are a step back in terms of licensure (i.e. not a CNA or SNT position)... they require a license but they are more knowledge based than clinical (working for insurance companies, etc). no clinical at ...