Lincoln Tech Hamden 09?

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    Very happy, I just got accepted into the March 9th LPN course at lincoln tech. Just wondering if any other users are attending that course?:typing or any grads that have any advice. It would be appreciated!:wink2:

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    God bless and congrads one of my good friends just finished that program in sept!!
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    Very strict program far as attendance and grading wise.U can only miss a certain amount of hours before you are exited out of the program.. also sorry to say a self taught program THAT COST make sure u have your ish in prepared for quizes and test VERY DAILY REALLY DAILY
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    Hello, I'm attending Lincoln Tech in Hamden. I've started in Fall 08. It's true very intense during the day program but doable. I'm averaging out an 87 in A&P and 85 in Funds. Just know when you begin, you need to study everyday and not take one day for granted. Our class started with 60 and down to 54 and we have 3 weeks left in the first module.
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    :d congratulations!!!! i know you are so excited. i felt the same way when i got accepted into my lpn program. i start in jan 09 at porter & chester. im just enjoying my free time and freedom while i have it for the next 2 months. be sure to keep us posted when you start.
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    well that good. linclon tech has the highest graduation rate i may go back. but the night classes are just as intense like that day classes
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    I start March as well, congrats to you!! I will be in New Britain day program. Wish you all the best!!
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    Are the night classes spread out over a longer period of time? Is it as expensive as these boards say it is? Can you "pay as you go?"
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    as far as i know you have to apply for there financing programs if you don't have enough for your FAFSA (and you wont). The payment plans all depend some are based on credit some are not. The extra that FAFSA doesn't cover enters a payment plan: some earning interest some not earning interest but you must pay every month. It is strict and missing payments longer than 60 days is an automatic boot from the program.

    As for nights, they are longer 22 months vice day 15 months. However, it is slower pace and you study probably 2 chapters a day vice 4 to 5. It is expensive at $30k plus. It all depends on your situation.

    Please check on evening programs as far as externship/clinicals. You may be doing night classes but clinicals could be in the mornings, so verify with them.

    happy holidays!!
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    Finally started classes today. 64 students! It seems like ALOT. For those who told me it was mostly self teaching...your right, they tell us to read and do the worksheets before they do that chapter in class. It was very ovewhelming! But I keep myself concentrated and my nose in the booK!
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