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  1. nikki109

    Young Nursing Students

    Hi everyone! I'm 22 and have just started my first semester of nursing school. That's so wonderful for those of you who entered out of high school! Keep at it.. it will certainly be tough, but it's all worth it in the end!! Good luck to you all
  2. nikki109

    Has anyone applied to St. Vincent's for Fall 09 nursing

    Hi everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your classes so far! (Glad I finally got to meet you milfordmama!! )
  3. nikki109

    Has anyone applied to St. Vincent's for Fall 09 nursing

    Yeah I am hoping a day spot opens for next semester.. that would be nice!! I'm excited about orientation tomorrow too.. I think it will put my mind at ease a little so I know more about what we are getting ourselves into! I did get the Nur 101 bundle.. maybe I didn't spend quite $800 :rollBut there were a few additional books we needed that aren't included in the bundle.. so make sure you get them all! (Brunner Med/Surg and Davis's Comprehensive weren't included).. I got the ADAM thing too.. waiting for that to come in the mail. Look on websites like Half.com or Barnes and Noble before you order from the bookstore.. if you shop around you can get it for cheaper! Got my uniform as well for clinicals.. that was another $100! I feel like we are going to learn soo much in the first few weeks. I am so excited and so nervous!! Well, I'll see you at orientation tomorrow, it's just a matter of picking you out of the crowd! Haha
  4. nikki109

    Has anyone applied to St. Vincent's for Fall 09 nursing

    That's great!! I'm excited to know someone. I wish I could have taken NUR 101 during the day and everything, but I took what I could get considering it was last minute. I'm hoping I can switch to the day program next semester! I did buy the book.. it actually just came in yesterday! Did you buy all of the NUR 101 books!?! I think I probably spent close to $800 on books this semester, if not more! I guess I have to accept the fact that I'm going to be broke! Hey.. are you going to orientation tomorrow??
  5. nikki109

    Has anyone applied to St. Vincent's for Fall 09 nursing

    It was crazy hard.. haha oh well! I am taking A&P on Mon. & Wed., 4:30-6 with lab on Wed. 1-4 .. I was called last minute to register for NUR 101, I guess there was an opening! So I am enrolled in the night program right now. I have class Tuesday evenings at 5:30, lab Thursday evenings at 6, and clinicals Saturdays! Not exactly my ideal schedule.. would have preferred to go during the day.. but I took what I could get! What about you!? Would be fun if we were in the same sections!!
  6. nikki109

    The First Days of Nursing School by the Fall 2009ers!!!

    Hi everyone!! It was such a relief when I found this discussion thread!! It's so exciting that we are all in this together!! I have my orientation next thursday, and I start classes on september 8th!! I know that most of you have already started your courses.. so tell me a little about it!! Any suggestions for my first day?! I am soo nervous but so excited.. ahh so many emotions all at once!! Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Good luck to everyone.. we'll stick together and make it through!!!
  7. nikki109

    Has anyone applied to St. Vincent's for Fall 09 nursing

    mz1985 .. Did you ever take the A&P exam!? How did you do? All I can say is that I failed miserably.. so off I go to re-take A&P this fall. I am taking NUR 101 along with A&P .. are you doing the same?
  8. Just an update -- the competency exam for A&P was ridiculously difficult!! fheard - What section of A&P are you in for this fall?
  9. nikki109

    St. Vincent's part time program any acceptances?

    Hi! Sorry, I haven't checked this in quite a few weeks! I actually took the competency exam on August 18th.. I was supposed to take it July 27th but wanted a little more time! Not that it helped me.. that exam was deadly! I think the woman said I scored a 36 or something ridiculous like that. It's crazy! For anyone that did pass it - props to you! I used the sheet they gave us about what to study for.. and I used my old A&P notebook and textbook. When I took it at my other school, I had a very difficult teacher and managed a B+, so I was pretty upset at St. V's exam! So off I go taking A&P this fall! Ventgurl, are you taking it this semester?? What section are you in!?