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louMa64's Latest Activity

  1. No, I took my Nclex on 1/15/10 and thought the same thing, I received my unofficial results on Sunday and passed.
  2. What's the pearsonvue trick? I took my Nclex today and shut off at 85 questions too. Is this a good sign?
  3. louMa64

    I finally finished my LVN program...

    So do I 12/3/2009, and finished the ATI exam with the highest score in our group.
  4. louMa64

    Lincoln Tech Hamden 09?

    Hey eboii121, Im louMa64 and is currently attending lincoln tech in hamden. I am in Mod 3. I probably passed you in the hall plenty of times. How is it for you? :nurse:It's pretty intense and it does get even more intense. Respond back let me know if you need any advice or help.
  5. louMa64

    Lincoln Tech Hamden 09?

    Hello, I'm attending Lincoln Tech in Hamden. I've started in Fall 08. It's true very intense during the day program but doable. I'm averaging out an 87 in A&P and 85 in Funds. Just know when you begin, you need to study everyday and not take one day for granted. Our class started with 60 and down to 54 and we have 3 weeks left in the first module.:nuke:
  6. louMa64

    Lincoln Tech. Hamden

    Hey, finally found someone who's going to Lincoln Tech in Hamden. I'm new to the website too and I'll be starting on September 8 day program. How about you?
  7. louMa64

    Lincoln Tech

    Hello! I'm new to the site. Do anyone have any info on Lincoln Tech Institute LPN program in Hamden CT. I will be starting in September?:typing