Hartford Grad Nurse Residency Program

  1. Hey all! How are all my CT nurses doing?

    Question for all you out there, anyone have any information abou the Hartford Graduate Nurse Residency Program? I am applying for the position, but I didn't know if they were currently in the process of actively hiring. They say that hiring is very selective at the moment, but I didn't know if there was anyone out there who has been contacted by HR recently.
    I have been having a very tough time looking for a job in Massachusetts so I swallowed my pride and have mentally gotten myself ready for moving out of state if needed.
    Hartford Hospital seems like a very good hospital to begin my career and I am excited for all the posibilities!!!

    ANY information would be appreciated it!!!

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  3. by   Bobbkat
    I think I've applied for every new grad position open in the state, and I have yet to hear anything from any hospital. I finally got a call from a LTC last week, but that's been it. I have a feeling that the New Grad programs are being filled by internal candidates, for the most part. I, sadly, am not an internal candidate anywhere.
  4. by   GuatericanNurse
    damn, thats rough...keep your head up. one day we will get our jobs...
  5. by   goodstudentnowRN
    I applied to Hartford Hospital graduate residency program and sent my transcript to them..wish me luck.
  6. by   Bobbkat
    Good luck! I've pretty much given up on them, but I did manage to score an interview at Yale, so I'm happy
  7. by   goodstudentnowRN
    I faxed my transcript to Hartford Hospital for evaluation..Let me wait and see what happens. Lord please help me I need a job!
  8. by   Liking350
    Has anyone heard anything from Hartford Hospital???
  9. by   kristak
    No, and it is causing me some serious anxiety. I miss the days when potential employers let you know that they DIDN'T want you, too. Then I wouldn't have to wonder...
  10. by   Bobbkat
    No, I never heard from them. Luckily I found a position elsewhere.
  11. by   laramfm
    Hey, i know these posts are from over a year ago but I'm going thru the same thing right now... I have applied to all hospitals since april and may and I just got a "phone screening" last week from Hartford Hospital residency program. they said if i was qualified i would get a "real" interview in august. I also got offered an interview with DaVita dialysis but I dont know much about the company. What r the changes of me actually getting this interview? should i stay with DaVita? I dont know what else to do
  12. by   greenbeanio
    Anyone know of any other new grad programs in CT?
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  13. by   pepnp5
    St. Francis Hospital has one.