Conn Nurses Meet N Greet

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    Stop in and introduce yourself!

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    Sandy here from southeastern CT.I am an OBGYN office nurse and love to visit the elderly too......San
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    Hello, my name is Rena I'm from central CT and am a MOHS surgical RN
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    Hi I am a CT homecare nurse. Headin' back to Central CT after a few years in FF county.
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    Hello all my name is Nicole and I am a LPN in the manchester school district and I am lovin the hours just not the pay lol!!! I start at goodwin in sept to get my pre-reqs out of the way for the ADN program sooo nervous
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    My name is Caitlin and I am not a nurse yet but I wanted to say hello. Hopefully I'll be graduating in May from Springfield Tech and I'm hoping to work in CT. TI'm thinking Hartford, New Britain, or Manchester.
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    my name is esin and i will be graduating in august of 2006, FINALLY
    i just wanted to say hello
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    Hello Every! My name is Rida and I'm from Southern CT. Waiting to take my board in February! Right now I'm orientating at my new job in a LTC facility.
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    hey rida
    which school did u graduate from
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    welcome, Rida! Good luck on your boards!

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