anyone in northern colorado hire new grads?

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    I'll be graduating nursing school in a year (BSN program on the east coast), and I'll be looking to move to northern colorado. That's where my girlfriend is, and more or less where I'm from. I'm an ED tech in a level II trauma center, and a few years ago I took an EMT-B course. Also I'm pretty sure the ED where I work will let me do my practicum there.

    With this in mind, is there any hope of me getting an ED job in NoCo or wyoming? I would settle for medsurg (gasp) for a year or so if I had to. I know that the Denver area is a lost cause for new grads unless you are a 4.0 student and lucky enough to get a residency. It seems like most new grads get jobs here on the east coast by "knowing somebody."

    If it helps, I'm a guy
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    North Colorado Medical Center. They're in Greeley. They hire new grads, all units, even ER. Any of the hospitals in the Banner Health Network. Poudre Valley may have some jobs too. PM me if you need more info.
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    Bannerhealth will hire New Grads, I got a job there right away. Job market is still pretty tight though. PVHS isn't as likely but once in a while they will have new grad positions.

    Cheyenne Regional Medical Center requires 6 months acute care experience to not be considered a New Grad. I actually just got a job in the ED there with only 4.5 months of Peds experience. They used to require you to be a WY resident for their new grad program for the past year but the last I looked it didn't show that as a requirement anymore so I am not sure.

    Base new grad pay at Banner and PVH are about 23 p/h (Banner is 22.93) and CRMC is 24.40.
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    The northern CO hospitals are still hiring new grads, and a couple of years of ER tech experience will make a huge difference. And yes, in CO, being a guy really does make a difference. Men are hired easier and faster, no question. Good luck!
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    Mi Vida Loca - Am I reading correctly that you switched jobs from NCMC to CRMC? You sounded so happy @ NCMC so how come? Just wondering.
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    Quote from hope3456
    Mi Vida Loca - Am I reading correctly that you switched jobs from NCMC to CRMC? You sounded so happy @ NCMC so how come? Just wondering.
    The ED is where I have always wanted to work and I received a position there, it's only a 10 minute further commute, I was hired at full time status (not just full time hours) so my benefits are going to be half the cost and the pay is more. So all in all it was a much better fit for what I am needing. I am nervous and stuff about the change and I am hoping I enjoy working there.

    I did love my unit overall at NCMC and loved doing peds but I will get the peds in the ED as well.
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    Welcome to CRMC! I work L and D there! I live in Ft. Collins, and love it there! However, usually peds in the ED get one of our Peds nurses from WCS to come down if it's anything more than a cough.

    CRMC hires new grads straight out of school, and the WY resident requirement is gone for the new grad program. I commuted on the east coast, the commute for me from here to CRMC is the same amount of time but with the 75-80 mph you are allowed to go and no traffic, it is much much nicer!
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    Do you like CRMC and do they have an employee GYM?

    They said because of my Peds experience and since I am PALS certified that I would probably get a lot of the Peds patients. I also have done a lot of Peds IV starts. It took me 40 minutes to get to NCMC and about 50 to get to CRMC. I think though I am just going to look for a room to rent to keep a place to sleep up there when my days are in a row.

    I should start next Monday. I go do all my orientation stuff this Monday. I just have to turn in the fingerprint cards now for my WY licence so hopefully it gets done in time so I don't have to have my start date pushed back by 2 weeks.
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    I do LOVE working at CRMC!!! I hear negative things about working in the pt tower on med/surg etc, but I think working on a specialty unit makes it much more enjoyable--we are in our own little world. I work with a great group of women and we are really team oriented in WCS.

    I don't know much about the ER, and if that is where you really want to be---congrats! If not....WCS would love to have an experienced peds nurse like you I'm sure!

    As far as fingerprints etc, Wyoming took forever to transfer my license---the background check took the longest....but I called and hounded them, and it got done on time. I would give them a phone call or two if I were you just to be sure.

    They do have an employee gym, but I've never been there as it is at a different location not at the hospital.
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    I think when I drive up Monday I will just hand deliver the fingerprints to them in the sealed envelope. Get an idea how long too. Thankfully it's not during a time during graduation where there are lots of people to license. Everything else should be in order.

    What is WCS? I don't know much about the hospital outside of the stuff they have online, I just went for my interview and did all my paperwork online. I looked at the benefits page.

    Do you know what the OT is? I saw the special pay paper but it doesn't list OT rules or holiday pay. Like at NCMC. It's anything past 12 a day and 40 a week.

    That stinks about the gym. I was hoping to use it when I got off work.

    Thank you for the information. I am excited and so nervous to start.

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