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  1. ramonmalino

    Staff meet and greet

    So I had a phone interview early this week for a unit manager position. I think it went really well and they have asked me to come in to the facility. The first hour I will be there will be a meet and greet with the staff over pizza, and thenI will have the formal interview. This will be my first experience interviewing for a manager position and I am really excited. I'm wondering what I should be asking the staff. In addition to them meeting me, I think it's important for me to meet them. Has anybody done something like this before? How do these meetings normally go?
  2. ramonmalino

    New Nurse Graduate-ASN

    Also look at clinic nursing. They will sometimes take new grads and its a good paced environment to work on your assessment and documenting skills. I see alot of people jump right into SNF without even considering the option of clinic. Maybe you can see about a PEDS clinic?
  3. ramonmalino

    New graduate nurse-BSN

    Have you tried North Colorado Medical Center? My fioncee applied at McKee, their sister-hospital, and got in. They're usually very good about hiring new grads
  4. ramonmalino

    anyone in northern colorado hire new grads?

    North Colorado Medical Center. They're in Greeley. They hire new grads, all units, even ER. Any of the hospitals in the Banner Health Network. Poudre Valley may have some jobs too. PM me if you need more info.
  5. ramonmalino

    OR Travel Nursing

    Bekah, I start my first OR travel assignment Jan 2nd. there are plenty of jobs out there, the hospital I currently work at in central NY has openings for travelers. Also there are a lot in Denver, where I am moving to. A lot of companies have job searches on their websites, look around those and see who has OR jobs posted.
  6. ramonmalino

    travel nursing

    Read the sticky threads. I start my first assignment next month. Before making the decisions on which companies to apply to I read through ALL the posts in those sticky threads. Some are just bantering between users, but most are useful. I will tell you that in the course of reading all that material no single company emerged that didn't have at least one rant against it. It seems to me that its the recruiter that makes or breaks a company. If you're unhappy with a company, ask for a different recruiter. See if anything is different.
  7. ramonmalino

    Does anyone live an hour away from there OR job?

    I live an hour away from my job. I'm still new to the OR, I won't be taking call for another 10 months, but my facility has a house that they use for any of the RNs, Scrubs, and Residents on call who live more than 20 mins away. From what I hear its not a bad way to bond with some of your coworkers.
  8. ramonmalino

    O.R. orientation 6-9 mos. or 3 mos.?

    Wow. My hospital has us orient to the OR for 12 months if we've never been a circulator.
  9. ramonmalino


    Let me start off by saying that I'm searching for advice. Hx: I'm in my last semester of school from a 4 year program. I'm taking critical care, nursing management and community health. For my community health clinical I asked for, and got, Hospice care. This is a rotation I've wanted for a while and am very excited each week to go. My problem is this: I'm a compassionate guy, and I really feel for the pts. and their families. There have been numerous times when I've been with my preceptor and a family member has begun to cry. Ive watched the nurse jump in and hug, or gently rub the arm of the grieving and all I really have felt comfortable doing is handing over a box of tissues. Let me reassure you that this has nothing to do with lack of compassion, I have had no problems in the past with assisting in the grieving process within my own family or even with my friends and their families. My problem is that I'm deathly afraid that as a male nurse my attempt at therapeutic touch will be misconstrued as anything but appropriate. Ive had experiences on previouse clinicals where Ive been scrutinized for touching my pts. simply because I'm male. Does anyone else have similar experiences and/or advice? I'm dying over here (no pun intended) because I WANT to help my pts. and their families but don't know the best way. Thanks.
  10. ramonmalino


    Anaheim was awesome wasn't it. I had only learned that there was a state and national student nurse associations about a month before anaheim, I was really lucky to still get a room at the marriot.
  11. ramonmalino


    Hey, I was wondering if anyone from allnurses would be attending the NSNA annual convention this year. This will be my second annual convention and Im hoping to find many other people that I can meet while Im there.
  12. ramonmalino

    San Diego Staff vs. Travel Nursing?

    I have a friend who lives in NYC and she does travel nursing, but only in the city. Enough hospitals belong to her agency that she just floats between them. It pays her mortgage and then some. I don't know if SD does something like that, but if you want to stay as a travel nurse it may be something to look into.
  13. ramonmalino

    A True to Nursing Movie

    Ive spent many days with my friends from class (i'm still a student) talking about how cool it would be to have a tv show about nursing school. They have those shows for doctors why not nurses? I think it would do a lot to bring people into the profession once they saw that it isn't just "fetching coffee" or "fluffing pillows" as namaste said. It would be really cool to have the show based on like 6 or 7 close friends going through school and trying to balance studying with things like sports, work, and marriages/children. You could twist it as a Drama or even a comedy if you wanted. I agree with Need, I bet we could get 5 seasons just on the things we have on this site. My friends and I have been keeping pretty good journals just in case someday one of us wants to write a script. Right now its just something to joke and dream about over the many cups of coffee we have to drink, but who knows... with enough support and time it could happen
  14. ramonmalino

    New to everything

    The math that you will be doing is relatively simple stuff, if I can do it anyone can hahaha. If you can do simple fractions and very simple algebra (like finding X and cross multiplying) than you will certainly be fine. Most hospitals now have what are called IV teams. They visit every floor in the hospital and start IVs on patients. I don't see very many floor nurses starting IVs, they all call the IV team. Giving shots isn't that bad. I also do not like needles, and hate getting lab work done, but I have never had a problem giving any of my pts. shots. Seeing people in pain and sick comes with the territory, you'll grow used to it. Your first day of clinicals is gonna be scary as hell, but stick with it it gets easier as the days go on.
  15. ramonmalino

    Male Nurses/female Patients

    I can appreciate that. Me personally, if I ever saw an MD coming at me with a foley I'd send them away and ask for a nurse. I don't even remember the last time I saw an MD put in a catheter
  16. There are many roads into the nursing profession. I am sure you will find one of them. Grades are not the all important determinant of whether you will make a good nurse or not. Keep plugging away and keep us updated on your progress