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RNlovesherPharmD has 3 years experience and specializes in Labor and Delivery.

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  1. RNlovesherPharmD

    Relocation to Denver

    Your poll question is not a "yes" or "no" question. The answer is BSN. But experience counts for everything in CO I think.
  2. RNlovesherPharmD

    Moving to Denver in 2014, Needs Help with Hospitals, Pay, Etc

    $10 says it's Swedish offering the bonus!
  3. RNlovesherPharmD


    Anyone work for Banner?? Love it? Hate it??
  4. RNlovesherPharmD

    Homebirth safer then hospital birth????

    My SIL just posted this article to her fb page : http://www.rhrealitycheck.org/article/2012/07/11/why-are-we-asking-wrong-questions-about-maternity-care I cannot find any of these "stats". Thoughts?
  5. RNlovesherPharmD

    Northern CO new grads

    40 ish minutes. I live on Harmony and Lemay---not bad at all. I'm L&D days, LOVE IT!!
  6. RNlovesherPharmD

    anyone in northern colorado hire new grads?

    I do LOVE working at CRMC!!! I hear negative things about working in the pt tower on med/surg etc, but I think working on a specialty unit makes it much more enjoyable--we are in our own little world. I work with a great group of women and we are really team oriented in WCS. I don't know much about the ER, and if that is where you really want to be---congrats! If not....WCS would love to have an experienced peds nurse like you I'm sure! As far as fingerprints etc, Wyoming took forever to transfer my license---the background check took the longest....but I called and hounded them, and it got done on time. I would give them a phone call or two if I were you just to be sure. They do have an employee gym, but I've never been there as it is at a different location not at the hospital.
  7. RNlovesherPharmD

    anyone in northern colorado hire new grads?

    Welcome to CRMC! I work L and D there! I live in Ft. Collins, and love it there! However, usually peds in the ED get one of our Peds nurses from WCS to come down if it's anything more than a cough. CRMC hires new grads straight out of school, and the WY resident requirement is gone for the new grad program. I commuted on the east coast, the commute for me from here to CRMC is the same amount of time but with the 75-80 mph you are allowed to go and no traffic, it is much much nicer!
  8. RNlovesherPharmD

    Need Tips or Tricks on Remembering IV Stop Times

    Wow, how can they hold your paychecks?!?! That sounds like crazy talk on their part!!! What about bedside charting? Or taking the MAR with you when you start and stop the infusion, marking both times on the MAR?
  9. RNlovesherPharmD

    Cytotec and fetal monitoring

    To be honest, I don't know. I was only allowed to vaginals post epidural. I was simply asking about what I observed, and from the sound of it will never see again
  10. RNlovesherPharmD

    I cannot work there!

    I second this. I hope you find a better fit. I would hate to have that feeling in my stomach every day before heading to work that it was going to be an awful day. I hope you feel better soon!
  11. RNlovesherPharmD

    Overworked nurse

    Very funny! I feel bad for nurses that are really in this situation though! Thanks for sharing!
  12. RNlovesherPharmD

    Can new grads work in the ER?

    It all depends on the facility you are interested in working for as to whether or not they accept new grads in the ED. However, the sky is your limit! Keep your eyes and ears open---network while in clinical setting, and I'm sure you'll land an awesome job! Good luck to you!
  13. RNlovesherPharmD

    Cytotec and fetal monitoring

    I was being sincere.
  14. RNlovesherPharmD

    Cytotec and fetal monitoring

    Thank you for the heads up Klone! You are most certainly my most trusted resource for all things CO and OB
  15. RNlovesherPharmD

    VA Hospital in Denver

    I applied for both as well. I was offered 4 South, but have not heard anything about even an interview for ICU. Obviously I don't have experience in that area and may not be contacted at all---but I haven't heard from that listing. I'm sure you'll be a shoe in though as you already work for the VA and have experience in ICU. GOOD LUCK! I hope it is a nice VA.
  16. RNlovesherPharmD

    Will they really be contacting me?

    I agree with Klone, verrrry long process! However, I spoke with an HR rep with one of the bigger hospital chains I applied to (Banner), and they said if they are interested they will contact within 24-48 hrs. My guess is smaller chains/facilities take longer (even though you would think the opposite). Regardless, keep a positive outlook! Do some research into the facility and unit that you applied to--jot it down. Keep it handy for when/if they contact you so that you will stand out among others:up: