What do you wear

  1. Okay, I'm starting this CNA training program in a week or so. Do I need to buy scrubs for my classes or will we wear our own clothes?

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  3. by   Gabby_101
    We wore our own clothes for class, but we had to wear whatever scrubs were required by our clinical agency for clinicals.
  4. by   yousoldtheworld
    Yep, regular clothes for the classroom part. If you need specific things or colored scrubs for your clinicals, they will tell you in class.
  5. by   Getreal2011
    Thank you for your responses.
  6. by   Sally Lou
    It really depends on the program.

    I went through the red cross in MA. They used to be able to wear street clothes during class but they changed the whole policy. You have to wear scrubs during class and clinicials. Plus, they changed the scrub color (after i already bought white ones).
  7. by   Poi Dog
    It depends on your program.

    I did mine through the Red Cross and they provided us with a royal blue scrub. Granted it did come in 3 weeks after we were done. That's how they roll in Hawaii...LOL
  8. by   KAPH79
    I start Monday, we have to wear white scrubs bottom with a white polo shirt. For clinicals, they give us a burgundy apron to wear (I guess to distinguish students).
  9. by   oregonbeach
    Just ask your school. Everyone here, even in the high school CNA classes, wears scrubs during class to put you in the mood of being in health care. If they require scrubs, often they will have a specific color in mind based on the facilities that you'll do clinicals in.
  10. by   Penny82
    I had to wear scrubs, white shoes, a watch, and my hair had to be pulled back for class and clinicals.
  11. by   blgroves82
    I am currently in a class now and we are required to wear scrubs at all times even in class. We can were any color, pattern or style but they do require us to wear them. When we do our clinicals next week they said that we can wear any scrubs that we want as long as we wear student ids to stand out. Just ask and if they tell you to buy them I would suggest a second hand store like goodwill they are only a couple bucks because most places when they hire make you wear a uniform.