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  1. Gabby_101

    FY 19 Navy Nursing

    Just wanted to post an update for anyone wondering about active duty. I was recommended by the board back in November and hadn't heard anything until recently. This is what my (crappy) recruiter told me. " It turns out that there will be no active duty spots for your specialty (labor and delivery) this year or next year. However we have an open spot for reserves if you want to take it. Sorry about this, I was just informed that they are not going to open up any of these billets for next year either. I'm sorry this is happening, right now we are in a high demand for ICU nurses, CRNA, and Peri-Op RN nurse. We even reduced the ER nurse as well". Just wanted to put out what information I know to share with others in the waiting game.
  2. Gabby_101

    FY 19 Navy Nursing

    My package went to the board in September or October. Just last week is when my recruiter said I had been selected and that they had no ODS openings until June. Hopefully they are planning for you to be in the February class, even if they haven't let you know that yet.
  3. Gabby_101

    FY 19 Navy Nursing

    I heard from my recruiter last week. He said he had good and bad news. Good news is, I was chosen by the board to be a L&D RN. Bad news is, they changed all the L&D billets to ICU (for an unknown reason) so there's no L&D openings right now. He said hopefully they'll move some things around and redistribute by May 2019. He did say there are no ODS dates available until June anyway so even if there was a spot right now I'd still have to wait until then. He also said they were going to try to work on the scrolling so that when something opens up I'll be able to fill it right away instead of waiting to be scrolled. Just though I'd give an update to anyone who might be waiting like I have been (and still am).
  4. Gabby_101

    FY 19 Navy Nursing

    I am also waiting to hear from the board. My kit was offically sent to them about a week ago. I have applied for active duty USN. I am credentialed in L&D. I have been a nurse for almost 8 years. My recruiter told me I probably wouldn't hear anything until November. Last I knew they were only taking 2 L&D RNs for the entire year so I'm guessing my chances are pretty slim but fingers crossed. I have working on getting my kit together for almost a year and a half. I had to get a medical waiver for meningitis that I had last year which took forever. My husband is active duty (enlisted) USN so we have Tricare and getting in to be cleared by a neurologist took months. I also really don't care for my recruiter so I think some of the process has been prolonged by him not exactly knowing what he is doing. Any other L&D applicants out there? Anyone else dual military? Looking forward to hearing what/when everyone finds out.
  5. Gabby_101

    ER to L&D!?!?

    I have done both and will say a busy day in L&D can be just as or more stressful than a day in ER. A lot like ER in L&D there's a lot of autonomy. You have to be confident in yourself and your skills to know when you need a Dr. stat. Things can change in an instant. That baby that looked great 2 minutes ago is now having late decels like your pt in ER who you gave meds to who is now having an allergic reaction and is now having anaphylaxis. There is also a lot of hurry up and wait in both. You got the pit going and then you wait. Like ER where you got the labs and xrays done. Then you wait. I could ramble on for days but I feel like there are a lot things that are similar about the two units but the bond you have with your L&D pts is like none I've had in the ER and usually those pts think you are awesome. However, saving lives on a daily basis is a pretty cool job as well. Good luck with whatever you choose.
  6. Gabby_101

    Do you have gifts for your new moms??

    Wow I guess I didn't realize how lucky our moms are. They get a "celebration meal" for two that includes steak or chicken or other "gourmet" entrees as well as sides, salad, cake, and a bottle of sparkling apple juice. They also are able to choose either a new (pretty basic but still very nice) car seat or Vera Bradley diaper bag (in the mom's choice of like 10 different prints). Either choice also comes with a Halo sleep sack and little giftbag with shampoo, lotion, and body wash for mom. We still do the formula gift sets as well. Oh and I forgot to mention that we have scrapbook paper that we put foot prints on at delivery and then the nursery nurse usually writes in fancy writing birth "stats". They are then laminated and magnets are put on the back for a cute refrigerator magnet. Now that I write it all out that sure is a lot of stuff for having a baby. No wonder our patients keep having babies lol
  7. Gabby_101

    Does Having CNA Exp Help so Much in Nursing School?

    I will graduate in May and I can't say that having my CNA helped so much with class work but it for sure did when it came to clinical. I don't know if I could have made it through nursing school if I hadn't already had the prior knowledge from being a CNA. I tell everyone I know to become a CNA before they become a nurse. Not only do you learn a lot of valuable skills you learn what a nurse REALLY does. Best of luck!!
  8. Gabby_101

    Do you call your teachers by their 1st names?

    All of my nursing instructors this far (semester 3 of 4) I have called by their first name because they have asked us to do so.
  9. Gabby_101

    How much time do you *really*spend studying?

    I don't really study very much. I would say a few days and the day before a test I study about 2 hours. Now clinical paperwork and pass/fail writing assignments...now thats another story. I would say that takes about 6 hours a week to do at least. All that paperwork and writing assignments take up most of my time. I also watch a lot of videos on youtube to whatever we are learning since I learn best by seeing. Watching those things doesn't even feel like studying but I would say I spend and hour or two per week on that kind of thing. We also have to pass 1000 NCLEX questions with above an 80% so I try to get at least 200 of those in per week which can sometimes take me a few hours to do. Over all though I would say I spend about 22 hours per week in class or clinical. I spend about about 6-10 hours per week preping for clinical, doing clinical paperwork, or writing papers. And spend about 5 hours per week studying for tests, organizing or looking over notes, watching videos or other visual aids, and doing NCLEX questions. I also work about 20 hours per week. I had never really thought about it till now how many hours I was spending doing all of that. I guess after looking it's no wonder I have time for nothing else. All of that leaves little time for fun, but that's ok I keep telling myself I have come this far, I can do anything for 8 more months.
  10. Gabby_101

    What do you wear

    We wore our own clothes for class, but we had to wear whatever scrubs were required by our clinical agency for clinicals.
  11. Gabby_101

    What does your uniform look like?

    We can either wear white or black scrub bottoms (guess what color everyone chooses..lol) and a royal blue crest brand scrub top with a patch on the left chest area. We can wear a white lab jacket of choice and all white shoes.
  12. Gabby_101

    To work or to Not work?

    Of course if you don't have to work, don't, but who can do that, right? I feel the busier I am the better I manage my time as well like another poster said. If you are only taking fundies you should be okay to work. Everyone and every program is different but working while in school can be done. It's a balancing act, is not having a lot of money worth doing better in school or is having more money worth getting just passing grades. Guess it depends what is important to you. After a few weeks of class or at least getting your syllabus you could probably feel out how much studying you are going to need to do and plan work accordingly. Good luck!! :)
  13. Gabby_101

    Pharmacology class

    As long as you have taken A&P I would go for it. You may have to work a little harder because you are not in the nursing part yet and there maybe a few things you don't understand but then you will already know it for later on when you are in the nursing classes. If it will take some of the load off after you have started nursing classes then go for it for sure!! Good Luck!! :)
  14. Gabby_101

    What should I do!?

    CNA, CNA, CNA, CNA, CNA, oh did I mention CNA??!!!! lol The expirence is soooooo helpful when you get into nursing school. I'm sure I would have failed out of nursing school by now if I hadn't been a CNA. I tell everyone to become a CNA it will help you in school and also show you if nursing is really your thing. Before becoming a CNA I had a lot of different thoughts about what nurses do. There are a lot of CNA courses out there some are only a few days long. I def. recommend becoming a CNA the expirence is invaluable not to mention the pay is not THAT bad for a college student. Good luck with school whatever else you choose to do!
  15. Gabby_101

    Patient Care Tech/CNA-same thing?

    I think it depends where you live. Around here (Indiana) PCT's are CNA's with a few extra responsibilites that they are taught on the job (like: inserting caths, doing blood draws, EKGs, or other things like that). Wish you the best with getting into a hospital. :)