TOo old?

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    Hello everyone. My name is Kim. I am 40 years old and I think my kids are old enough now to where I want to go back to work. I will be starting CNA classes next month and I am just wondering am I really too old to be starting a career
    Thank you
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    No. 40 isn't too old. Best of luck.
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    it is fine never too late. as long as you physically fit to work as CNA to lift heavy pts
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    I worked with women over 50. You're not too old, don't worry. Just, as the poster above said, make sure you're physically able to do the job.
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    I turned 40 and became a CNA last year. I recently obtained my Home Health Certification also. It's never too late to begin a new career, and what's nice us that CNA training is short enough that you can start something new in a relatively short amount if time. I agree that it is a physically demanding job, so I made sure that I was in excellent physical shape before I started. I started running and following a healthy eating and exercise plan. It definitely helped me to meet the physical demands of this job. Good luck!
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    I've worked with women who were well past retirement age. Yes, you can definitely do it at 40. If you're concerned about the physical toll it may take, I suggest, as one of the above posters suggested, that you go into Home Health. Home Health was my first job, and I loved it, though it is difficult to make a real salary in home health unless you work for 2 agencies or if there is a shortage of home health agencies and work for the only one in the area! Good luck to you!
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    I recently had a resident in my LTC facility who worked as a CNA (at different facility) until she was in her upper 70s. Also, where I did my clinicals there was a CNA who was well past retirement age, but yet the other, younger aides had a hard time keeping up with her! When I was on her unit she was always wearing a shirt that said 'Not A Resident.' So unless there is a physical/mental reason you would be unable to do the job, I think you'll do great at it!
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    40 is not too old! Go for it!
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    You're never too old. I got my CNA license in 2000 at the ge of 38, and started nursing school in 2007, and now I am a RN. So as you can see you are never too old to go after your dreams. Good luck to you.
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    You're never too old. I got my CNA license in 2000 at the age of 39. I then enrolled in nursing school in 2006, and obtained by nursing license in 2010 at the age of 49. Never give up on your dreams. Good luck to you.