the proper way to place a bedpan?

  1. hey everyone i was just curious if anyone knows the proper way to place a bed pan for the state test? is it to ask the patient to lift thre hips/butt and you place the bedpan that way or is it to roll the patient on their side and then roll them back on the bedpan? lol im just trying to decided which one i should do for the test if i end up getting that skill any help will be greatly appreciated!! thanks guys
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  3. by   buenafortuna
    Hm... if it's any help at all, I was taught in class to roll the patient to the side as if you were changing a diaper, and place the bedpan underneath at that time, while holding it in place until they're on their back again. :spin:
  4. by   erin1205
    Definitely roll the patient to there side, place the bedpan, and then roll them back. I had that one for my skills exam in fact! And don't forget to pull the privacy curtain!
  5. by   runner19
    highest part of bedpan goes in front
  6. by   aerorunner80
    When I took my test a few months ago, our instructions were that our patient was perfectly able to help us out(no disabilities) but they couldn't do anything unless we asked/instructed them to. So if the person playing the pt is able to lift their hips off of the bed, you could do that and still pass.
  7. by   indierock
    you do roll them towards you. After you get out of the test, its a lot harder. Just a bit of advice for practical use: roll them as far towards you as possible and tuck the bedpan in as far as possible before you roll them back because once they are laying on that bedpan, they usually start going and you don't have a second chance to roll them.
  8. by   PBAJS
    "roll them as far towards you as possible and tuck the bedpan in as far as possible" some of my residents are so wide in the hips, i would not be able to reach over them to properly place the bepan.

    roll the person away from you so you can see the proper placement of the bedpan, then roll the person onto the bedpan. we step out for a few minutes to give the person privacy and to get toilet paper, wash cloth, towel, etc. return, roll the person away from you, being sure to hold the side of the bedpan against the bed to avoid spilling.
  9. by   DreamyEyes
    We had to learn that skill today lol. We rolled the patient, placed down the bedpan, and then turned the patient back over onto the bedpan. I'm not really nervous about this skill----I just hope I don't get that dang occupied bedmaking!! :uhoh21: Good luck on your state test.
  10. by   runner19
    actually you roll the person AWAY from you !
  11. by   greysa32
    you roll the patient on their side.