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I've been interested the past few weeks about taking some CNA training classes to help find a new job, but I've watched some videos and read about it and noticed that when you learn to brush the patient's teeth, that class... Read More

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    Quote from meggi2010
    Hi there! You just pretend to brush each other's teeth when you are practicing in class. You don't even have to open your mouth if you don't want to! Everything is pretend, like charades. And the students will most likely be very nice and supportive to you. No one will make you feel uncomfortable. I hate my feet, and when we had to practice foot care, I was scared that we would have to take our shoes off, but we never had to and I worried for nothing. Take the class and don't worry, you will enjoy it!
    There was NO pretending in my CNA class! We did everything to each other except peri-care; we used the mannekins in lab for that. Otherwise, we bathed, fed, brushed teeth, did foot care, shaved, and did everything else on each other. There were some people who were more willing than others to be "patients" so not everybody had to be the patient for every skill.

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    My teeth are so bad I actually had to get a tooth pulled at a sliding scale emergency clinic towards the end of my CNA class! We were being quized on random skills the next day and my partner kept pulling oral care out of the bedpan! Luckily the gaping hole in my jaw was enough of an excuse for the instructor to let me skip it for that week. But up until that point I never brought it up and no one seemed to mind brushing my teeth, the only odd comment I got from anyone was from the name of my tooth paste.
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    1) In my CNA class, not everyone brushed teeth/had their teeth brushed. We each took turns picking skills and demonstrating them to each other. I did brush the teeth of a classmate, but I gotta say, I barely looked at her mouth; I was more paying attention to how I was moving the brush and whether she was comfortable or not. So I think everyone in your class will have the same experience of being too self-conscious about whether they're doing it right to even think about your teeth.

    2) Everyone gets crazy self-conscious about their bodies. During our skills test, someone was assigned to do footcare on me. I was like, "...Gosh, I hope my feet don't stink, but they've been wrapped up in my sneakers all day, sooooo..." I just figured that my classmates would end up seeing/smelling a lot worse at their new jobs, and they would have to deal with it professionally. If anyone was ever visibly put off by my feet or your teeth, I'd say they're probably not cut out for the job to begin with. So just keep that in mind.

    3) Probably there is a way for you to get reduced-cost or free dental care. Hygiene students need someone to practice on, right??? In all seriousness, one of my best friends did this until he was able to get his own health insurance, and it was a godsend for him, so check into it.
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    California here. We rarely ever practiced on eachother. We practiced on dummies and residents. As far as oral care goes, I only did dentures and mouth swabs on a resident to get checked off for the skill. The only thing we did on eachother was practice transfers with mechanical lifts and making an occupied bed. That's it. Some folks in my class had to do other stuff on students (like nail care) because they didn't manage to get it done during time at the clinical site.

    Oh, and we practiced vitals on eachother a lot!

    Don't sweat it! Your teacher probably won't have you do teeth brushing on a student!

    Good luck!!!

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