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I've been interested the past few weeks about taking some CNA training classes to help find a new job, but I've watched some videos and read about it and noticed that when you learn to brush the... Read More

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    If it came down to it..just tell your classmate what you just told us. "Before you brush mine..I just wanted to say, after years of no insurance, I am finally in middle of lots of dental work......" or however you want to say it. It will be a bigger deal for you than whoever would brush yours, but it would be over quickly...and probably thought no more of - by either of you. Dont let 60 sec of possible tooth brushing keep you from starting a new career path
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    When I took my CNA course this past summer, no one in that class wanted to brush anybody else's teeth, or in turn have theirs brushed. It is important to know how to do it, because you may get tested on that skill when you take the CNA exam for the state...but by the the person doing the brushing is so focused on all the correct steps and being nervous about being watched that they couldn't tell if you teeth were polka dotted or striped
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    YOUR teeth, not you....sorry!
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    In my CNA class we did not have to practice any ADL care on each other. The only thing we did was practice transfers. Other than that, all the "hands-on" was on residents during the clinical portion.
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    Don't let this stop you from taking the class!
    There is a chance you won't have to perform this skill on a partner..and if you do have to, why not just volunteer to brush theirs? Or like others have said, it may be a positive thing ( I know it doesn't seem like it) to experience a situation like this..in nursing you have to face some things that may embarrass a patient and make them feel uncomfortable..being in a former situation it may prepare you with how to deal with something like this.
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    i understand how u feel...many people are very self conscious about their teeth! if you dont have the pearly perfect whites that we see on tv constantly it will make us self conscious...absolutely does not mean that you cant provide good care or be a damn good CNA...quite the contrary, you will probably be more sensitive to others needs based on your own feelings!....tell your teacher privately your concerns...and good luck!
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    I feel for you. I am also super embarrassed about my teeth. I dont think it has anything to do with whether or not you truly want to take this course and succeed. I agree some others who say you are having dental work and have temp fillinfs or whatnot in your mouthif this issue should arise. Yes I understand they want you tobe in your patients shoes,some who may have dental issues. But you seem well aware of knowing how things may affect your confidence and comfort and I dont think it should be necessary for your peers to see that side of you if you choose not to show it. Just like a patient can refuse care, so hould the student if he/she choosesto do so.

    But dont let this stop you. Just speak with someone before hand, or ask when you enroll if this is common practice. I dont think it is a small issue and I knwo how much it can affect your confidence and control your choices in life. Try to not let this control your choice of bettering yourself and possibly being able to get a position in which dental may be included. Theres always "sick days" if it comes down to it! Good luck, and keep smiling- your not the only one with this hang up! Oh and congrats for being so honest!
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    Hi there! You just pretend to brush each other's teeth when you are practicing in class. You don't even have to open your mouth if you don't want to! Everything is pretend, like charades. And the students will most likely be very nice and supportive to you. No one will make you feel uncomfortable. I hate my feet, and when we had to practice foot care, I was scared that we would have to take our shoes off, but we never had to and I worried for nothing. Take the class and don't worry, you will enjoy it!
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    Im not worried about the shape my teeth are in but for there safety, if someone damages my teeth i wont be happy, i dont understand why we dont use fake teeth? or dentures or something, its just ridiculous, and my teacher reads just out of the book it was a waste of money for me, and only teaches us word for word, she gets upset with me when i ask questions, and she expects us toi hear what to do and then do it i was worried a bit that my back would be hurt, she had us try lifts and placements and using the machines on eachother yesterday, and our books are about 20 years old the knowledge isnt current, she isnt teaching us everyrthing that will bve on our state board test, just the stuff so the facility its at can use us... ITS BS
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    This isn't something we did in my CNA class--perhaps the lesson plans differ across the nation...

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