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CNAs working in corrections

  1. 0 does anyone think that there would be a demand for a CNA a a corection setting becuase I am really interested in working in a correctional setting after I get my degree. I am also interested in working in the phsychiatric, emergency, and OB areas also after getting my two year RN.
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    You could try to get a job as a BHT (behavioral health technician) in a psych ward, or a unit secretary in an OB or L&D unit, but I've never heard of CNA's working in a correctional facility. I don't know what use they would have for a CNA, you can't administer meds, or bandage people.
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    One of my classmates in nursing school was a dialysis technician. She said she worked in a correctional facility at one point(she was a dialysis tech for 18 yrs). You could look into that
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    I have a friend who worked as a CNA in the county lock-up in VA a few years ago.
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    check out At the moment, they only have one CNA position but check back from time to time. I think another company to check is correctional medical services (not 100% sure of the name), maybe they have some positions too.
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    Prisons around here do hire CNAs. I don't know exactly what they DO, but I do know that the positions exist!
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    A CNA working in corrections....I cant think of a job I would want LESS.
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    Well I imagine there is a need for them... what happens when someone gets a life sentence? They eventually get old and need to be cared for.
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    Here in Cali they have CNA positions open in the prisons, but from what I hear it's mainly for those on suicide watch. You have to watch them carefully and if they die on your watch it's on you. I don't know about other prisons, or if that's the only thing, but that's what I heard of where I'm at. It sounds way too stressful, and if the prison gets locked down you have to stay until it's been cleared by the guards. Here the prison doesn't even hire you, it's an outside agency, and it's not as much pay for the stress and responsibility.
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    I personally don't know why anyone would want to work in a prison, but I'm sure glad someone does, just so I don't have to! They actually are hiring CNA's at a correctional facility in my city so I know there are jobs available.
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    One of the very first places my mother worked at after becoming an LPN was at the Walla Walla State Penn. She said she couldn't quit that job fast enough but stuck with it for the experience and the fact that there was a need for her there but it really scared the urine out of her to be there!
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    Quote from mindyfromcali
    and if they die on your watch it's on you.
    What exactly would be "on you" if pt dies on your watch?
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    Quote from student forever
    What exactly would be "on you" if pt dies on your watch?
    I assumed the poster was referring to if the pt sucessfully commits suicide, since they mentioned the CNA is supposed to be watching them.