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I have a couple interviews for PCT positions, but I have no idea what to expect as a salary. I am a student nurse in NE FL. Please tell me where you live, your experience, and how much you make. I know I will probably have to... Read More

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    In orange county California A CNA FULL TIME with benefits starts off at 9 dollars an hour.. If you work registry a few I know pay as much as 16 an hour.... form what I have heard... FUlltime RN new grad 27/hr to start.. This is where I work at

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    I am currently a cna and one of the very few that works at the dementia unit here. I have three years experience yet I make 9 dollars a hour. The pay isn't very generous but I am blessed I have a job none the less. I test for lpn soon..
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    Does anybody know how much a CNA's with a 2 years experience in a hospital would make in las vegas or henderson Nevada.
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    I live in Melbourne, Australia.

    Started work as a Division 2 nurse, not medication-endorsed. Starting pay rate was $20.20 an hour for permanent hours, but as I was casual I got $25.25 an hour. Later received a union-negotiated rise to just over $26 an hour.

    Then started my Division 1 graduate year full time. Started on $22.69, then received another union-negotiated rise to $23.42.

    Now I have finished my graduate year and am on just over $25 an hour. I get an extra $23 per shift if I work after 6pm. 50% extra pay for any weekend hours.
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    I live somewhere on the Pacific Ocean and I make diddly squat/hour
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    I may have posted on this a long time ago, but anyways, I make a base rate of $11.50ish per hour. $2 for weekends, $1 for evening, $3 for night. So on a weekend night, you are at $16.50. And $1/hour if you take a call in or heavy duty shifts (working short). It's not horrendous, here.... in western CO. LPNs start at $18...not much more than the CNAs!
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    I make $14.75 an hour on nights in the NH/MA area. This is in assisted living.
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    I'm a mst/pca in Columbus ohio. I ve been on the job for 3 years 11.20/hr prn.
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    I worked in LTC making $21.50 an hour plus 10% instead of benefits. I hated it and took a pay cut as a pych tech. Now I get 18.36 an hour plus 10% instead of benefits. I cannot imagine doing this work for 9 busks an hour. I worked at starbucks and made that and it was way less stress. Vancouver is a pricey place to live so salaries are higher than a place like Iowa. An RN starts out at almost $30 an hour base salary here for compasison.
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    when i prn cover cna shifts, i get 7.52$/hour with no benefits. I generally pass on the opportunity to do this.
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