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    I'm curretly a pre nursing student but I'm looking into CNA to gain some experience and have some questions. My local community college (I'm in the delaware)price for CNA is $3000 everything included and the local adult ed school is $700 there a few things I would pay out of pocket such as the state test and I believe uniforms. How would I know which one to choose I mean the money obviously plays a big factor, but is it better coming from a community college. I'm so confused.

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    $3000 for CNA????? OMG! That is outrageous!
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    Quote from adoRNo2015
    $3000 for CNA????? OMG! That is outrageous!
    Is it..every approved location I found near me except for the adult ed is that price
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    $3,000 for a CNA program is highway robbery. Most employers do not give a rat's behind where you trained to be a CNA, so you might as well do it at the cheaper school. Also, check out your local Red Cross because they sometimes offer low-cost CNA training. In addition, many nursing homes offer CNA training and certification for free if you'll return the favor by working for them for a few months.

    In the area where I live, even $1,500 is way too much to pay.
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    Wow way too much money. I paid less than $600 both in sc and ks
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    Ya, $3000 is insane, I just took the course and paid $550 for everything, including the testing.
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    In NJ I paid $1200 for a CNA class at a vo-tech school. Books were included, uniforms were not. I'm not sure how expensive of a state DE is, but that could be a factor. I talked to my employer and they said the reason they gave me a change (without any experience) was because they hired people from the vo-tech school before and they worked out very well. If you look on other threads, people in certain states are having serious trouble obtaining a CNA job. I would call both programs to see if they could give you statistics of how many students found jobs when their programs were completed. Hope this helps and good luck!!
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    My CNA program in OH was $500 for a two week (nights) program. We didn't keep the books and were responsible for obtaining our own scrubs. The state test was a separate $100 fee paid when we scheduled our test. We were also allowed to practice our skills at the facility as much as we needed / wanted to between the day and night sessions and hosted the test as well so we were familiar with the layout and equipment. The $500 rate seemed to be common for the area with the private providers. The community college had a program, but it was more expensive due to having to charge on their credit schedules.
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    This one is a no brainer. Save yourself the 2300 bucks. If you want, use the 2300 for some other training. You could probably use 2300 to later take a phlebotomy class AND an EMT class.

    CNA is just a cert you need so you can get a job. Even the best school probably produces a minimally trained CNA who will still need lots of OJT to learn how to do the job in the real world.
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    took my CNA training through osu...didn't cost me a thing but after i got my license i had to commit to 12 months out of the next 24 in a long term care facility...i'm gonna have to work while i'm in school and i'm wanting experience right? so why not....those 12 months did NOT have to be consecutive months either.

    classes were mon-fri 8-5 for a month...class site as well as clinicals were at grace living center in Jenks

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