Can you use on Resume "nursing assistant"??

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    Serious question, Can you use on a resume "nursing assistant" to prove that you at least finished school even though you did not pass? Am I in a better position to get a caregiver job over someone who did not attend cna school?

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    Have you worked in the capacity of a "Nursing Assistant"???

    I would advise you not to put "Nursing Assistant" on your résumé unless you have worked in that capacity, otherwise it may be interpreted as fraud on your part, even if you completed the program and did not pass; you have only completed the course, to did not pass or get certified.

    If you are interested in getting a caregiver position, they may have on the job training; there will not be an "edge" per se, unless you have college credit hours, like most of my area's positions depends on the jib description. HTH!
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    What are you asking? If you took a CNA course put that in the education section of your resume.
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    by sali22
    What are you asking? If you took a CNA course put that in the education section of your resume.

    Just asking if I should put it on a resume if I didn't pass the exam.
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    I think not, unless you have worked as a nursing assistant. It would be so not worth it if a potential employer thought you were being dishonest.

    Just my two cents here- to put that you are a nursing assistant isn't fair to the other students who not only passed nursing school, but also got their state certification.
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    No that would be lying
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    How many times have your tried to take your states test? If you only had tried once and happen to fail it i'd encourage you to try to take the test again. I think you can try 2 to 3 times before they'd say you'd have to take the class over again. If you went through all that work and money to pass the class give yourself the opertunity to be certified and then you can call yourself a CNA.
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    Can you take the exam again? If you can pass the exam most places will offer you better pay. Other wise I would probably not put it on your resume. If you really feel you should or it would help make sure you stipulate that you completed the class training but DID NOT pass the state exam! You do not want to appear dishonest in any way to someone who may be your furture empolyer. Good Luck!
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    No, I wouldnt. You'll need to produce a copy of your state certificate to your employer anyway. If you are on the interview and they ask if you passed the state board, there will be that awkward moment when you say, "no." The "edge" you'd have over others would be passing the exam, so take it again
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    No. You completed a class but seeing as how you did not pass the exam, you are not a nursing assistant.

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