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hi can anybody share their ideas on what to put on CNA resume? thank u... Read More

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    First i want to say Congrats to ccmelluvvin on becoming a CNA ...even tho is post is months old. i Just completed my CNA program Dec. 2010. i have the same problem. i have no experience so what do i put on my resume? ...if its not to much to ask AzDeb could you email me a sample resume? plz and thank you!
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    Could you be kind and send it to me too?, I have no idea of what to put in there ether. (Rosa 0408 at sbc global dot net)
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    I would also like a copy. I will see if I can send you my email through the pm. Thank you in advance.
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    Hi everyone,

    I just got my CNA certificate and was wondering if anyone has any tips for a resume for someone without any CNA experience?

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    Hi AzDeb would you be able to email me your resume too? (

    I just got my certificate and don't know where to start.

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    Hi could everyone who has the resume copy from Azdeb could please forward me a copy as well, I desperately need an idea to put up my resume. (New Grad) Thank you very much...(
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    Hey All Nurses!!

    I'am in the same boat, just completed my CNA course, I have a cert in EKG, and doing Phel now.. So PLEASE AZDeb or anyone else that is willing to help, if you are reading I too would like a copy or ideas on how to start and end my cover letter & resume.. My Email Addy: nmazard at yahoo dot com.. Thanks in advance!!
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    Quote from AzDeb
    - I just emailed it to you. Hope it helps! And good luck with your job search!
    Thank you AzDeb, I got your email! I really appreciate it Thanks!!
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    please can you send me your resume. I do have some years of experience but have not worked with ny license for almost ten years. Also, pls do send me new cna resume. Thanks!