Anyone NOT feel like they got hit by a truck?

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    Just Curious if any of you CNAs leave work an actually feel ok? By the time I finish my 12 I literally limp around. Spoke with someone recently who didn't think that was the norm. So.... Comments?

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    So I haven't worked a 12 as a CNA but I used to as a waitress when I would have to cover for other girls. My key to not feeling like crap was to stop and stretch. Like take an extra minuet each time I went to the bathroom and do a yoga pose. I would take smoke brakes with other servers and stretch outside too. Also I would do acupoints on my feet and ankles if they started feeling swollen, I know not everyone on here would believe in that but I swear it works!
    Okay wish I could be of more help and remember you kick butt for caring for others for so long out of your beautiful day!
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    It's my one day off and I'm sitting here with a back pain patch on. I'm exhausted all the time and I can barely put weight on my feet every morning. I don't remember what it's like not to be in pain all the time and I've only been doing this 17 months.
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    I've been doing this nearly three years, and the above poster is right about stretching. Sometimes just doing stretches can really make all the difference. 12s would only hurt me if I wasn't a sitter, and I was actually on the floor. Running around can really take it's toll. The nurses would have me run specimens to a different floor in the hospital and I'd stretch in the elevator. We all want to help as much as we can, but don't kill yourself. I'd recommend a different shoe as well. For me, the skechers shape-ups really helped a lot, but some people prefer other kinds of shoes.
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    So far my only problem has been sore feet and my back. But I think that's more because I'm getting used to "normal" shoes. I've worn work boots for the past 12 years, so getting used to sport shoes is bothering my feet. I know a lot of the nurses where I work swear by Gel-ASICS. I plan on buying a pair middle of next month.

    As far as my back goes, I've found, like others have said, that stretching helps. If I can't stretch it out, one of the nurses just gives me a couple of naproxen sodiums and the pain wears off after about an hour.
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    12 hour shifts can be brutal. After a 3 day stretch it takes me a while to recover, I dont feel like doing anything. Its even worse if you work night shift, since your body clock gets all screwed up with longer time off between work stretches. After working a particularly long stretch, like 4 or 5 shifts in a row, I just wander around the house in a daze. Im lucky if I know what time of day/night it is, much less what day of the week it is.

    When I first started working as a CNA, I was amazed that so many elderly people didnt have the strength to roll themselves over or even lift a limb. Now I understand. After a rough week I feel like I should just leave a couple urinals near my bed and be on a turn schedule until its time to work again.
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    I did at first but then I got use to it. Most of my shifts are 8 hours but I have done 12 and 16 befor and they can be hard on the body especially going from evenings to nights!
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    This happens to me as well, and I work 8's!! I haven't found a cure-all yet, but stretching and ankle circles help. If it gets me by my lunch break, I take an advil. It actually does help to fit in some cardio, weights and yoga. The fitter you are the less it hurts. And shoes. If your feet feel bruised at the end of the day, you need new ones. When i get home, I do a stretch for my neck and shoulder (put your right hand behind you like your putting it in the left back pocket. Look left and put your ear towards the left shoulder. You can increase the depth by gently pressing your head down more with your left hand. You should feel the stretch in both the top of yor shoulder and neck.
    The t stretch (lie on floor. Bring knees to chest. Swivel lower body first to one side then the other. Should feel good spinal stretch.)
    The yoga cow pose helps
    And finally, just lying flat on the floor helps too. Hope you feel better!
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    I just worked a double (16 hours) last night, slept 4 hours, and kept going all day. I have felt extremely exhausted at the end of some shifts. As I have improved by body mechanics while lifting I have noticed a major change in how I feel at the end of a shift.
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    I feel the same as you. Been working at this place for 2 months. When I was hired they said a typical patient load is 10 and on occasion 15. Well since I started I have 17-20 patients every evening and I come home is pain daily and live on Advil. My shifts are only 8 hours but I'm so physically exhausted my days off are spent doing absolutely nothing but sleeping and lying around.

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