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in order to streamline the threads on this topic, i ask that everyone that passes their nursing assistant certification test to please post it in this thread as oppose to starting a separate one. i appreciate everyone's help with... Read More

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    Passed my exam today. Had the following along with hand washing and communication...

    Transfer of the resident to the bed/chair
    Brushing the teeth
    Oral temperature/pulse/respirations

    Guess it's time to wait for the card to come in the mail.

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    Finally got to take my test yesterday and I passed. Was more nervous than I should have been though. I guess hearing some of the people that were there re-taking the skills portion got my nerves on edge or something. All was good though and i am now officially a CNA!! wootwoot!
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    I passed my skills/written certification on March 1st.
    My skills were denture care, feeding, and dressing dependent resident with vision problems. What's funny is that those are the ones I forgot to practice in my spare time. I concentrated on blood pressure, bed bath, ect..
    Anyhoo, I'm happy and relieved, now I'm just waiting on the card to come in the mail and then look for a job. Congrats to everyone else!
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    I passed my CNA over the weekend :-)
    I had:
    Hand Washing
    Measure weight of a client
    Passive Range of Motion for 1 Shoulder
    Fingernail Care
    Transfer Bed to W/C

    I was quite relieved with the skills I got, lol... pretty easy ones :-)
    I'm just waiting for my card now and trying to get my job search going!
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    I passed my written and skills yesterday. Woot woot.
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    I guess I never posted mine - I passed back in January during our Christmas break (ADN student)...I had to clean a resident's nails and then put a shirt on a resident who was paralyzed on his right side. I think I missed one question on the written part (from the best I could tell; I watched them grade it from my seat).

    This was through the Red Cross here in MA (Cambridge/Kendall Sq). Fortunately they accepted a letter from the chair person at my school verifying that I had enough clinical hours so that I could take the test without having to attend the CNA course at Red Cross.
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    I almost forgot - I also had to demonstrate handwashing skills and documenting when the assignments were complete (I actually screwed that up by documenting on the AM instead of PM part of the sheet)

    Also, congrats to the new grads
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    I passed the state skills and written exam today!
    My skills were dressing a patient, blood pressure and range of motion upper body.

    I hope to get position in long term facility and work towards associate nurse degree.

    Good luck to everyone taking the state exam.
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    I'm not there yet... But congratulations to everyone!!
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    I passed my written and skills exam this past Saturday! I was soo nervous for the skills part...but managed to pull it off! Everyone had to do handwashing and then I pulled the cards for:

    Shaving a male resident
    Range of motion/lower body

    woohoo!!! on with my nursing career!
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