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  1. animal1953

    Florida CNA law changes 2013?

    I am a CNA and a CPT. In my CNA class we have a 98%pass rate with the 2% having to deal with records issues before they can take the test. This is at a private school, not a state sponsored school. My Phlebotomy class passed with 100% and as far as I...
  2. animal1953

    Personally Handing Out Resumes

    I've also taken this approach and have found I get more interviews. HR is overwhelmed with apps and sometimes your app may not get to the manager of that unit your are applying to. I tend to follow up every 2 weeks or so to keep my name fresh. If the...
  3. animal1953

    Repeat applications for same position?

    I have applied for the same position before. I look to see when the position was reposted and look for changes in the position (FT, PT, PRN ect). I am still looking and have started a new approach by finding out who the manager is for the unit. I've ...
  4. animal1953

    Got license but unable to get job

    I'm in the same situation but as a CNA. I've applied at numerous hospitals and LTC in my area and nothing. I've had one interview and didn't get the position. I really need the work, even part-time, as we're living on her SSD. And I have no interest ...
  5. animal1953

    The 'De-Skilling' Of Nursing

    I'm not sure if I'll go one to get my LPN because the hospitals are phasing them out here in Florida (at least where I live). Because of my age, 58, I haven't made up my mind yet. I think you miss understood my comment about"coaching" a patient havin...
  6. animal1953

    The 'De-Skilling' Of Nursing

    I am a new CNA. While I am still looking for my first job, I have aquired skills over the last 10 years while caring for my wife after her stroke. I learned critical skills in observation in the years since the stroke. I can look at her and tell if s...
  7. animal1953

    Nurse and CNA/PCT teamwork! Opinions?

    I just graduated and recently got licensed as a CNA. I'm awaiting word on an interview at a local hospital and still filling out applications. The other student sounds sort of elitist in that response. The CNA/PCT are the eyes and ears of the RN. We ...
  8. animal1953

    just got an offer!! got many questions though..

    First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! :yelclap::w00t: Your first meeting with HR will be to fill out paperwork, U/A (if required) and other administration stuff. You should be told your wage and whether there is an increase after orientation or the nor...
  9. animal1953

    First CNA job interview. What should I expect?

    I just had my first interview for a position at my local hospital. The interview was mostly a get to know you and asked questions like what experience have you had and what made you decided to get into nursing. I was a little nervous but I know the h...
  10. animal1953

    Nurses Rock At All Stages In The Circle Of Life

    Amen, The Commuter, Amen!!!
  11. animal1953

    Kudos to you neuro folks

    When my wife had a hemorrhagic stroke and was in NICU, I was amazed and impressed at the total professionalism and willingness to explain what was going on and why. I was really impressed that when I came on the floor to visit, the team made themselv...
  12. animal1953

    We are still deciding...

    I'm in kinda the same situation. I got a call from a hospital I applied to and they scheduled me for an interview. The day before, I got a call saying that the recruiter had a family emergency and they were postponing the interview until she got back...
  13. animal1953

    CNA- Have an interview for ER tech..

    I really don't have anything I can offer you. I'm in the same situation, (interview postponed because of interviewer family emergency) and all I can think to do is review what We've been taught in school. I think the biggest thing is to be observant ...
  14. animal1953

    Male Seeking CNA/NURSING advice

    I would talk to an advisor at school. If you are going to start a nursing career, you might just as well go into a RN program. The CNA courses are only 5 - 8 weeks and that will get you into a HHA,LTCF or ALF. You can also work in hospitals as a CNA ...
  15. animal1953

    Wuesthoff, Brevard County

    Thanks, I'll give it a shot.