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What is the future of the CNS? Will the CNS role continue to be viable or will it be cannibalized by the CNL and NP roles? I am really interested in the CNS role but my gut tells me I would be far... Read More

  1. by   lizardlady
    HI, My name is Tracy and I am new to this site. I am currently in a Masters program in nursing. It also requires 500 clinical hours, and a total of 57 credits. My state (PA) does not recognize this program as a CNS program. Anyway, with all of the changes being made to the CNS programs, I'm not sure what I am even doing now! I think that with all of the time, etc. put forth in the classes, I should be considered an Advanced Practice Nurse when I graduate. I do not want to be a Nurse Practitioner!

    What is the difference between the CNS and the CNL? I may end up just changing to the Nurse educator track. At this point, I do not graduate until the summer of 2015.

    Did you finish your CNS?

    Looking for any feedback.


  2. by   imenid37
    Tracy. I just accepted a job for a CNS. I need to get a post-MSN as part of the offer. What is your concentration and your school? I am also in PA. I would LOVE to do a Perinatal CNS, which is what i started as BUT I am in PA and have that whole ordeal with the BON. I am probably going to do adult-gero so I can be credentialed through taking the exam. My only peds experience is with healthy neonates. I think both will be hard for me BUT adult-gero is a little more with my background and also easier access to preceptors. I have an MSN as a perinatal educator because I was advised that pursuing the CNS was not the best option for me. Now go figure, I am back in the CNS "role." again and need the official pedigree.
  3. by   JWRN
    I am a CNS with prescriptive authority (my Acute care CNS program allowed me to acquire prescriptive authority), thus I had additional options and can always move into a role in which I could utilize my prescriptive authority.
    So you might look at CNS programs that also include courses that would allow you to apply for prescriptive authority. The love the CNS role and it has been very beneficial to me and has allowed me numerous opportunities. This affords you additional opportunities for employment options.
    Doctoral studies can always come later.
    I just finished my DNP degree and thoroughly enjoyed the courses and feel they really enhanced and added to the knowledge I acquired in my MSN program.
    I am in TX and I can tell you that we are of course behind on the CNL role (some facilities are utilizing the role, but only a handful). And those that are utilizing the CNL role are not quite sure how to utilize the role.
    My thoughts are the CNL and CNS roles should work together in a collaborative manner to improve patient care and outcomes.

  4. by   coupb8222
    I have recently been accepted into a DNP program and start this fall. I chose the Adult Gerontological CNS track. They made us choose Primary vs Acute and I chose Primary, (Although the consensus model states a CNS should be trained from acute to primary care). However, everything I read on CNS is worrysome. They have the consensus model which includes CNS as advanced practice, but is not even accepted in all states. I feel like if I become a CNS I would be able to validate my role, but it would require me to teach everyone what my scope of practice is. Also I will be limited to moving or working within the country because the CNS role is not advanced practice is as many states as the NP. I am likely going to change my track to NP role, and likely do something that also involves (CNS) type scope such as education, research, mentoring etc. Either way I plan to certify as an Advanced Practice Certified Wound Ostomy Continence Nurse as my specialty, and I could do that as a CNS or an NP. I want to do short term missions and volunteer work, I feel like if I become a CNS I will sell myself short. My employer is in HIGH support of the CNL role and has committed to have one on each unit by 2015! This is blurred with the CNS role. I think because there are more NP's I may just have to join the crowd instead of waving a banner of acceptance for the CNS. I just have to email my advisor to confirm I want to switch to NP track. I still have not fully made up my mind but I am thinking NP will be the way to go, and I can still do all the things that I want to do as a CNS. as an NP if that makes sense.
  5. by   traumaRUs
    If you want the adv practice role, I would opt for NP.
  6. by   pilgrim192
    Don't give up on the CNS role! If more of us do that, it won't exist!
  7. by   SHGR
    This is a great thread. Pilgrim192, thanks for the link. I am currently in a CNS track program and so far am really happy with this choice. I enjoy aspects of population health and outcomes as well as staff education, but also very much like patient care and patient education, so I think the CNS role is a great fit for me.
  8. by   Wonimal
    thanks so much for this insight, i just started a CNS program in adult care and your perspectives have been very helpful.
  9. by   ®Nurse
    I can't imagine how the CNS role could be overpowered by the CNL role. I think they both compliment each other so perfectly. I'm currently in a CNL program and have a CNS as my mentor/preceptor (because there are no other CNL's practicing in my area that I am aware of).