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    Hey i just got accepted into chamberlain college of nursing in Addison,IL. and im so excited to start. I just want to know how the experience was or is for students who've been to that school. I know that tuition is pretty expensive so do they allow you to do payment plans throughout the semester or does tuition have to be paid in full before you start each semester.

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    Quote from ABRIAL
    Hey i just got accepted into chamberlain college of nursing in Addison,IL. and im so excited to start. I just want to know how the experience was or is for students who've been to that school. I know that tuition is pretty expensive so do they allow you to do payment plans throughout the semester or does tuition have to be paid in full before you start each semester.
    Congratulations on being accepted. I am still waiting to hear from the school. They said I should hear after the holiday. Did they recently call you? If you don't mind me asking how is your GPA and how did you do on the HESI? I did well on the HESI but my GPA could be better. I really hope I get in.
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    Congratulations Abrial! Hopefully I see you around!
    The school is pretty pricey, and I'm not positive, but I think that there is a payment plan available. As for the experience? I really enjoy school and I have already made some really close friends. Everybody is really driven and we all help each other. There is not a lot of competition (bc everybody is taking the same classes to graduate with the same degree) but there is a LOT of support. The only thing I have been dissapointed with is Chamberlain's use of Devry services. If you have gen ed's to take, you'll be taking them via Devry's services. Devry's science courses (im in Anatomy/physio, micro bio and chem right now) just aren't up to par. I'm absolutley happy that I chose Chamberlain though....GOOD LUCK!

    Don't stress too much! I'm sure you'll do just fine and I hope to see you @ school next semester! I bugged the crap out of my admisions advisor until I got an acceptance so I know where you're at right now! I got into the school with a 3.875 GPA and a 90% on the TEASE test. I have to say, now that I have gone through a load of classes, I have NEVER seen a school with such hardcore students haha....from what I know, a great majority of people have an A average, and most make the deans list each semester. I only know a few who have a cummulitive GPA (from Chamberlain) under 3.5! Intimidating for sure...but I think it's actually benificial in the end! It's motiviating!

    Good luck to both of you
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    Appreciate the information!!! Thanks! I was a little nervous about taking the gen. eds at Devry-
    but oh well. I have been so releived to hear from everyone how difficult the school is. For myself-
    I had my doubts just because it was comparitively easy to get into among other local nursing schools-
    for example, one BSN program wouldn't even look at me because I had received a "B" from a community college!
    They needed "A's" from community colleges. Other nursing admission offices were pretty rude, so going
    to Chamberlain was such a difference in how they treated you. Thanks again!
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    Thanks for the info! That makes me feel better bc I was hoping that this school would be a good choice, it's the only one that ive applied too. Well you seem to be satisfied and with what you said im sure i love it there too. hope to see around campus!
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    did anyone graduate from this place and is now a working nurse? just curious to hear from the graduates?
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    Quote from myjunkemail67
    I have been reading the various threads on Chamberlain College of Nursing.
    I just graduated from the online RN-BSN Sunday. I am sooooooo pleased with the program. I am one proud and well educated graduate.
    It is a top notch program. I can't attest to the onsite programs....but with the online program being excellent...I know you will not be disappointed.
    Be prepared to work!!! But that is what it is all about. You are never alone because the professors and support staff are outstanding.

    Plus they are CCNE accredited.

    They have me so excited that I am looking forward to the world of graduate school now.

    BSN RN 10/26/08!!
    I have been a nurse for 28 years. I went back to a local college in 1989 to get my ADN. I am interested in Chamberlains online RN to Bsn program. They say they award 80 credits to Nurses with active unrestricted lic. My sciences are very old and that is the issue I have ran in to with local universities. Pretty much would need to retake all of my sciences. Is that an issue with Chamberlain? Also how long did you work toward your degree completion? Was there a time frame? Over all cost, in other words hidden costs? I have not contacted them as yet because I wanted to assure there was no pushy agent with my private number. Thank you for any information you can share.
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    Quote from natkoz1982
    Hello all,

    I have an interview with an advisor coming up next week, may I ask what they took into consideration and what types of questions the advisor asked? What about overall GPA? Do all of you have a decent one? They also told me I needed to take a A2 entrance test. I have read over alot of the materials on the school and it seems to offer just as much as every other school but is on the expesive side, over $6,500 per semester and there are 9 total!

    I have a question regarding the A2 test. I had an interview at Chamberlain. I believe it went well. I gave them my transcripts. I have a 3.0 or a little above from my previous colleges. I was told that my high school transcript would not be used in determination. I have a BA. I passed the writing test online. My only question is the A2. I did fine on the English Comp, vocab, grammar, math. Not so well on the chemistry and A&P in the study guide. I bought other study guides and went to the library. I have always been a good test taker in the past but am not doing well. I have read most people scoring in the 80s-90s. Is that percentile? Or is that the individual score? I have been studying study guides, library books, text books, etc for about 7 hours per day. I have a few days until the HESI A2 test. Is there anyone that can give me some help on what this test is like? I did hear it is computerized so I am unable to go back to a question if I have a problem with it. I am extremely nervous. I fell in love with this school and want to get in. Can anyone please help me feel a little more comfortable with the A2 test by giving me any information on it.

    Thank you so much for your help.
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    Chamberlain College of Nursing is located 30 minutes from my house. I spoke with Josh Ryan(great guy) about the program. Although they do offer pre-reqs course it's very PRICEY!!!! I decided to take course at my community(E.C.C) Does anyone know if you can apply your financial assistance

    to the course. I have been trying to contact Josh about this matter and have had NO Luck!!!
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    I went to their Open House a few months ago, and they emphasized completing the FAFSA form even before you get accepted.

    Hope this helps!
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