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  1. icechick

    Weiss Memorial RN residency

    I work at Weiss. They do not have a new grad residency program right now, but they do hire new grads.
  2. icechick

    Thorek Memorial Hospital?

    I work at Weiss and we get transfers from Thorek. The patients are not happy with their care and they do look pretty bad when they come to us. I hope that some fresh new nurses will give these patients the care they deserve! Good luck to you all in your careers!
  3. icechick

    Weiss Memorial RN residency

    Smiggers, I start tomorrow also!! I'm not quite sure what our hours will be like, I am guessing we will get out sometime between 3-5pm this week. See you tomorrow!
  4. icechick

    Weiss Memorial RN residency

    It took about 3.5 weeks from the time I applied to the time they first contacted me. I was scheduled to take the NCLEX the following week so they told me to call them back after I passed the NCLEX to set up a phone interview. Don't know what happens if you are rejected since I start working there in one week!! Woo hoo! But seriously, good luck to you! Hope they call soon.
  5. icechick

    new grad starting on med-surg unit

    thanks for the replies :)
  6. icechick

    new grad starting on med-surg unit

    I am a new grad starting my first job as an RN on a med surg unit. I am excited & terrified. Med-surg was not my best clinical in nursing school & I am worried that I will not remember anything I learned. I am wondering what others' experiences have been starting out in med-surg. Did you spend your off days studying procedures & disease processes? I will be working 5 nights a week & I have four kids. I don't feel like I will have any time to brush up on my knowledge outside of work. Will working with my preceptor be enough? Is there any one pocket sized book that I can get that will help me "fake it til I make it"? Thanks!
  7. icechick

    failed nclex-pn but...

    Most hospitals will hire nursing students who have had one semester of clinical experience or fundamentals. Also, if you can get a letter from your nursing school saying that you passed fundamentals of nursing & have had XX hours of clinical experience, you can send that in with the CNA application rather than take a course. You will then get a letter in the mail telling you to get fingerprinted, where to go & send that back in. Then you can schedule a test date, get your CNA cert. & work anywhere. Good luck passing the NCLEX. I took the Kaplan class & it was phenomenal, I highly recommend it.
  8. icechick

    Nurses/Moms-your advice, please! :)

    Don't listen to anyone who tells you not to go to school!! Even with kids, it is possible. I have four kids & recently graduated from a BSN program. When I started, they ranged in age from 1-7 yrs old so they were pretty little. It was hard at times, but you are doing what needs to be done for your family!! Go for the BSN because it will get you farther. You will get all the hands on experience you need once you start working. Nursing school only sets the foundation, the real learning takes place once you get a job! You have a few years before you need to think about what schedule to work. Chances are you won't have much of a choice, as a new grad you need to take what you can get. Whatever the schedule, you can make it work. Good luck!!
  9. icechick

    Help!! Going on my 2nd interview for the NICU!!

    I agree with the previous poster, you may have done nothing wrong at the other interview, but someone with more experience may have come along. Think positive. It's a good thing that interview did not end in a job because then you would not be interviewing for your dream job! Sounds perfect, go get it! Good luck!
  10. icechick

    Weiss Memorial RN residency

    I wouldn't get too worried yet, I interviewed on a Weds. & did not hear back from them until the following Thurs. Good luck! Keep us posted.
  11. icechick

    Weiss Memorial RN residency

    a classmate of mine also found out that she got the job today. I guess they were telling a lot of people today!
  12. icechick

    Weiss Memorial RN residency

    Smiggers!! You are my new best friend! I got the job too!!! So excited!! I start Aug.29, is that when you start? Just a recap for anyone who is curious about the process: I had a phone interview, then 8 days after that I got a call to schedule a face to face interview for the next day. My face to face interview was on Friday and they told me that HR was already closed, but they would call me to set up my background check & sign papers. They called me yesterday, told me to come in for a background check so I went in today and right when I walked in the door, they extended me an offer. So super excited!!! Good luck to everyone who is still in the process!!
  13. icechick

    Weiss Memorial RN residency

    Finally heard back from Weiss today, 9 days after my phone interview. I have an interview tomorrow with some of the managers. So excited & nervous. Apparently, they are still looking so don't give up hope everyone!!
  14. icechick

    NCLEX pass letter

    just got my official license in the mail today! So from the time I took the test to the time I got my license in hand was 20 days!
  15. icechick

    Weiss Memorial RN residency

    Was it just the phone interview that you had or did you also interview with the manager? I had a phone interview a week ago & haven't heard anything since then. I am really getting anxious because I really want this job!