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  1. Dizzy_Daisy

    I hate studying the ENDOCRINE system!!

    I am one of the few who loves the endocrine chapters. I feel like it is in need of advocation and is very often overlooked. Once you catch the pathways to the organs, to me, it is not that tricky. Cardiology is much more difficult for me to understand. My feeling with endocrine - most people hate it so it needs advocates. Personally, in my family self included, have diabetes, addisons, hypo thyroid, and poly-cycstic ovarian which can fall under ob/gyn or under endocrine from my understanding since poly-cystic can destroy the pancreas. However since the latter affects the pancreas and insulin production, I always think of it under endocrine. It is so difficult to find an effective treatment. Too bad there is not a larger role for RN's when it comes to endocrine, as in my experience, the endocrinologists are like many specialists and have very little time....in general. I'm many years into my hashimotos and still STILL Looking for an endo who actually listens. Most have told me I need to eat fewere hamburgers and for the record, I work out INTENSELY 6 days a week and eat only salad with olive oil dressing and chicken breast most days. Still I gain weight even on medication. I know from my experience that it is extremely frustrating. The world needs more advocates for this system. Just my opinion.
  2. Dizzy_Daisy

    Obtaining an LPN license before RN

    Hi there. I apologize if I am repeating a question that has been asked before. I searched through to try and find the answer to my question before I ask but didn't see anything. I am currently in a BSN program. I'm going to one of the Chamberlain campuses so it's BSN in 3 years and runs on tri-mesters. Recently it looks like my hubby may be getting a new job and transferred to the southwest U.S. I am trying to figure out what my options are and kind of "how far along" I am in the span of traditional programs. I'm wondering now if it's possible to take the LPN N-Clex while in school and then to complete and lpn-bsn program. Or what any of you would do if you were in a situation like mine. Chances are we will be ending up in either New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada or possibly California. If it's Arizona - there is a campus for my school there so that solves everything and I can still continue on. I guess I have two questions really because either way -if I can take and pass the LPN NCLEX along the way - we will need the income I could provide for my family. Other question would be for anyone's opinions on switching programs.. I appreciate your thoughts! Obviously -if I could just finish out my journey - that would be ideal but as I am sure everyone knows...ideal is not always life. Thanks! Oh yeah - currently in med-surg. Have finished assessment, fundamentals, all my sciences including pharmacology. Still have (in my program anyway) ob/gyn, peds, mental health, community, & critical care. Also two more (not sure if all programs have them) collaborative care & evidence based practice. Thanks!