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I'm graduating with my BSN from a traditional university and want to find a good online option for my MSN, but I don't want to waste money or time. I'm interested in Chamberlain, but skeptical. ... Read More

  1. by   woodsyny
    Hey you! Get back to your Power Point LOL!
  2. by   SPatrick
    Hello DANALYN, I am looking into MSN Education program with Chamberlain. So far looked into Kaplan, Capella and IWU. I am interested in all info you have regarding Chamberlain. Please let me know. Thanks
  3. by   kristens
    Quote from nurseaayja
    I can't tell u about the MSN but I am a BSN student and once felt like u are feeling. I will tell u thus far throughout the process, I have been nothing but satisfied....proud to be a CCN student. Set up a meeting to talk to an advisor in admissions and see what u think.......

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    I agree I'm a CCN Alumni with my BSN. Great program,very straight forward but theres a lot of work to put into too. You know whats expected, how to do it. Professors were readily available.
  4. by   milliesmom88
    I have a question along these lines. I would like to get my NP license for neonatal. Has anyone on this thread done that, or is trying to do that? Do hospitals respect NP's who have graduated from these online courses the same as brick-and-mortar schools? The biggest problem with NNP is that there are very few schools that actually offer this and we don't live near any right now...
  5. by   hlnorrn
    woodsyny, how is Chamberlain going? I am in the Excelsior RN to MSN program and I am thinking about switching. I have not had a very good experience with Excelsior so far.
  6. by   woodsyny
    Just finished my final class and now have my MSN in Education! I only have good things to say about Chamberlain and had a super experience with great instructors who want you to succeed. Chamberlain just started a nurse residency program for new graduates in the MSN Education track who teach online with a mentor for a year and get paid and get teaching experience. I will be teaching online for Chamberlain starting in May!
  7. by   hlnorrn
    Congratulations! I just transferred to Grand Canyon and will be starting the BSN track in about 2 weeks. Goodbye Excelsior!
  8. by   lucy100
    great job Woodsyny! I am finishing up my RN to BSN at OU this summer. I am interested in pursuing an MSN education degree so I am starting to research schools. How many years did it take to complete the MSN at chamberlain? Does the program require a written thesis? I am feeling totally burned out from the online OU program but my long term goals to teach are motivating me to keep looking forward to my next degree goal!
  9. by   woodsyny
    Lucy100, first let me say Chamberlain is nothing like OU. I was very pleasantly surprised when I started at Chamberlain. I graduated with my BSN from OU. It took me 2 years and 3 months to finish my MSN, but I did one class at a time. You can do it quicker if you double up.
    No thesis at all. I can honestly say that I was very happy with the education program there.
  10. by   lucy100
    thank you for the feedback. Did you find that the MSN gave you many new job opportunities? I get worried that I will get a MSN in education and not find a full time job away from the bedside. Are you done with school at the MSN level?
  11. by   Danish
    I am enrolled in the Chamberlain MSN-FNP program and have completed 8 of the 15 required courses thus far. I have been extremely pleased with the program. I love the 8 week sessions and have even doubled up on classes once. It was totally doable. I worked with my practicum coordinator to hunt down a preceptor in my area and after sending a few emails out, I interviewed with a family practice FNP and will do be doing all of my practicum hours/courses with him. I currently work for the VA healthcare system ( not a veteran myself) and I am receiving the veteran rate for tuition as well. I highly suggest Chamberlain for MSN.
  12. by   woodsyny
    Lucy100. There are many things you can do as a nurse educator. I did my practicum teaching an online MSN class at Chamberlain with a mentor. I graduated in Feb of this year and will now be teaching as an online professor in Chamberlain's BSN program. Chamberlain started a residency program for new graduates of the MSN in Education program to teach online with a mentor for a year and get paid. After a year if you do well you will continue teaching there on your own. Great opportunity to get experience.
  13. by   K0mmander
    Question, I am currently an Informatics Nurse. Unfortunately my GPA is just under what they want for admission to the FNPprogram (what I really want). I have applied to other schools with let downs so far as to admission for FNP. Chamberlain has a partnership with my hospital (tuition discount and free applicaiton) and I am unsure exactly what I want to do. I have applied to the MSN for informatics with the hopes of getting above a 3.0 GPA and transferring into the FNP after core classes are finished (I was told this is a strong possibility). Anyone know if this is a sound idea? Either way I get a MSN if accepted to the program. I believe I am better suited as a Practitioner. Informatics is new for me and I am just diving into the vast world of EMR's. All my co workers say I'm coming along just fine but do miss clinical work at times. I have talked with physicians I used to work with in ER and the Cath Lab who would all love to hire me as an NP. Thoughts?