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  1. Online RN to BSN proctored exams?

    I completed this program almost two years ago, so I'm not sure if anything has changed. In the nursing classes there were NO proctored exams. There were some students that had proctored exams in non nursing classes. I would join the OU online RN to B...
  2. Transition Program Case Manager job shadow

    This sounds like a interesting job. Did you take the position? What kind of work/education experience does this job require?
  3. Ohio University RN-to-BSN Program

    It took me 1 year. I started in June and graduated the following summer. I only took one class every 5 weeks (many students took 2 classes together every 5 weeks). I have a previous non-nursing BS degree and OU was generous with credit transfers. I o...
  4. Job opportunities

    I have worked as a nurse for 10 years ( 9 in med/surg, and 1 in acute in-pt rehab). All my nursing experience has been in the hospital. I enjoy rehab nursing much more than med/surg and I'm glad to have found this specialty. Can anyone share with me ...
  5. CSN program in PA

    I'm in the process of selecting a school nurse certification program in Pennsylvania and hoping for some feedback. I'm considering Eastern U. (Philly) which has multiple start dates during the year versus Eastern Mennonite U. (Lancaster) which start...
  6. New Pennsylvania School Nurse

    Hi lovebeingamom76, What program/school did you attend to get the certified school nurse classes needed?
  7. Certified School Nurses and getting Masters Degree

    I know this is an older post but I was curious if/how you finally reached the 24 credits? I am considering EU for certification/masters too. DO you recommend this program?
  8. No nurse a month before school starts

    that's interesting! I live in PA where you need a certification and it seems tough to find open positions unless looking at private/charter schools.
  9. Ohio University RN-to-BSN Program

    Hi Trio825, I finished the OU online BSN program a year ago so I don't know if anything has drastically changed ( I doubt it). I spent so much time researching online programs before finally making a school selection and getting started. I don't regr...
  10. I worked weekends (Fri, Sat, Sun) night shift for 5 years when my kids were in elementary school. My husband had off weekends. It was nice for the set schedule, never needed daycare or summer camp, nice pay. I also never had to worry about my kids st...
  11. School Nursing

    Did you obtain your school nurse certification before looking for a job or wait until hired?
  12. Ohio University RN-to-BSN Program

    Hi Hsheffrin, I just completed my BSN at OU this past summer while working part time (and having a family). There were 9 required nursing classes for all nursing students. The nursing classes are only 5 weeks long however non-nursing classes varied i...
  13. Job opportunities in Rehab

    I have been working as a med/surg floor nurse in a hospital for many years and want to try something new. I am considering an acute rehab position available in my facility but wonder what future job opportunities are available to nurses with Rehab ex...
  14. Leaving nursing job after 2 months

    I see the same thing that you are mentioning. There were so many RN's leaving immediately after the 6 month orientation my employer started requiring RN's to sign a 2 year progressive care ( 1 year med/surg) contract or else repay the orientation co...
  15. Anyone know about online MSN degree at Chamberlain?

    thank you for the feedback. Did you find that the MSN gave you many new job opportunities? I get worried that I will get a MSN in education and not find a full time job away from the bedside. Are you done with school at the MSN level?