Combined CNM and WHNP degrees?

  1. Does anyone know for sure any colleges that let you do both the CNM and WHNP together, or at least let you certified in both. For instance, I have found one college that when you do the CNM program, all you need is one more class and you can get your WHNP license as well. I just would like to explore my options, THANKS
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  3. by   sweeetRN
    I don't know where you live but San Diego State has a joint Master's in Nursing
  4. by   CEG
    Univeristy of Illinois at Chicago does.
  5. by   crossds
    University of Cincinnati is one more class I believe, and will do online education with no university visit requirements.
  6. by   CNM2B
    I am a student at Frontier, and while they don't allow you to do a "dual" degree, I'm told it is a pretty seamless transition for nurse-midwifery students to complete the WHNP program. I am told that it is one extra class and clinical hours that can be completed as soon as the nurse-midwifery classes are finished. I intend to take advantage of this myself to earn certification as both....
  7. by   areawoman
    I am currently doing a dual CNP/WHNP at Ohio State University.
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  8. by   smallwonders07
    Look into Georgetown. They did have this option, and I believe they still do.
  9. by   blueindigo79
    hi! i was wondering what is the advantage to the dual degree? are you more marketable? What can a WHNP do that a CNM can't do?
  10. by   smallwonders07
    Hi blueindigo. I believe the main difference is that CNM's have a core focus on women's GYN health as it relates to pregnancy and birth and also focuses on infant care. WHNP's provide care care for women from the time of menarche into adulthood, including menopause. But their focus also includes pregnancy/birth. So I think WHNP is more of an all-incompassing focus, though I am aware that CNM'S are able to provide wellness care to non-pregnant women. The two credentials just compliment eachother nicely I think.
  11. by   Jennelea
    Does anyone know anything about becoming a CNM AFTER becoming a WHNP?
    I am hoping to begin a program to get my MSN with a WHNP specialty, but I want to know what my options are to become a midwife after this program.

    How much more school would be required to become a CNM also? The material must overlap significantly, right? Does anyone have any experience with taking this path?
  12. by   carlasal
    I have similar questions to Jennelea.

    Approximately how long does it take to get this dual degree? Other than making you more marketable to the industry, what are the advantages? Is there a higher demand for WHNP or for CNM? Or does it just depend on the area and population?
  13. by   danceluver
    Can anyone provide some information about the differences between going the CNM/FNP route vs CNM/WHNP route? I am debating which route to pursue as I know that i want to do a dual program. Would the WHNP be overkill with the CNM? I would also like to hear about the marketability
  14. by   coffee and toast
    U Penn's CNM program allows you to sit for both CNM and WHNP boards...

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